2013 Plug-in Vehicle Sales Rise to Over 96,000

2013 Plug-in Vehicle Sales Rise to Over 96,000

Sales of plug-in vehicles reached an all-time high last year with around 96,050 units moved off the lots, an impressive increase compared to 2012’s figure of 53,172.

Though sales of plug-in vehicles are on the rise, they still account for less than one percent of the overall vehicle market. As of December 2013, there were 17 plug-in vehicles available on the market, 16 of which are selling.

Included in that list for were the Porsche Panamera S Plug-in E-Hybrid and the Cadillac ELR, though both were supposed to officially be on the market in January. Reports however have 47 units of the Panamera being delivered and six units of the ELR being sold.

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As for the top-sellers in 2013, the Chevrolet Volt saw 23,094 units moved while the Nissan Leaf was second with 22,610 sold. The Tesla Model S had an estimated 18,650 units moved in 2013. The Toyota Prius plug-in sold a respectable 12,088 units last year despite it only being available in 15 states.

This year is expected to be a big year for plug-in vehicles as well, with the addition of the BMW i3, i8, Tesla Model X, Volkswagen e-Golf and more joining the marketplace.


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