2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Passes Moose Test

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Passes Moose Test

Last year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee faced scrutiny when a Swedish magazine put it through its “moose test,” reporting that the SUV nearly rolled over.

That same publication has now put the revised 2014 Grand Cherokee to the same test, which it passed with no issues. In fact, the publication stated that the stability control on the SUV was working perfectly “really early,” slowing down the speed of the car dramatically.

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As for the threshold where the Jeep Grand Cherokee reaches its limit, the publication reports that it was safe up to 44.1 mph, which is a good result for an SUV. The test was conducted with summer tires mounted and the vehicle loaded to its Swedish certificate of registration which is a total weight of 6,501 lbs.

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[Source: Teknikens Varld]

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