Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794

Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794

2. Great seats, quality materials

The seats in the Tundra 1794 would be at home in even the most expensive Lexus, offering comfort and style. Wrapped in saddle brown leather, ultra-suede inserts are stitched in for your lower back that feel stiff yet malleable. These seats are not exactly soft, but the support is there in all the right places. To the touch, the ultra-suede feels soft and looks good. All of the materials on the inside of this truck are top-notch.

  • Superslif

    I have the 14′ Tundra Limited (double cab) which I took delivery of 2 weeks ago…The power bands are good, like the heated bun warmers. What I don’t like are the tiny buttons for the fan speed and heating modes. You really have to take you eye off the road to look over to press the right ones. I have to figure out if those can be changed thru the steering wheel controls. Kind of wish they were like my old (05′) Toyota 4Runner, One knob with different “tap” points. As far as gas mileage, not good (5.7L) But I only have 100 miles on her and it has been very cold (-5 to 20’s). Much easier to back up than I expected.

  • Philvv

    Don’t expect decent gas mileage from Toyota in the trucks. The Tacoma is even worse and that with a small 4 cylinder engine.

  • Superslif

    Actually the main reason for the Tundra is to tow my RV trailer. So
    from others who have towed trailers and stated the MPG, I’m hoping to
    get what I was getting with my old V-8 4Runner…..The Runner only had a
    5 speed, the Tundra a 6 speed tranny. Plus I wanted to have the most
    reliable vehicle available for a trip to Alaska in 2 years.

  • Stan

    This review dropped the ball, enough of the pretty pic’s how about telling us the meat and potatoes like what is the pay load capacity, what is the towing capacity, what kind of real gas mileage can we expect towing/.non towing. I love my 05 SR5 double cab except it can’t carry anything (far to light a duty vehicle) but will not consider another Toyota truck till they make good on their teaser comments about putting a Cummings or other dependable diesel under the hood and build a truck that can tow a large 5th wheel or carry a large slide in camper. Pretty I can get anywhere, beefy rugged and dependable is what truck buyers want.

  • Randy2

    Large 5th wheel or large slide in camper? You are asking a half ton to do a 3/4 ton’s job.

  • bunka1

    I love my 2013 LTD double cab. Problem is that I still love my 2002 LTD access cab and to date chosen not to part with it. With 83K, it is hardly broken in.

  • chris

    Half ton, I thought the 5.7L was good for 10,000lb? Thats not a half ton truck…..

  • Todd F Rabideau

    Payload ratings are not tow ratings and the Crewmax wouldn’t be able to handle a 5th wheel camper with it’s 51/2′ bed without serious risk of damage! We all know they until Toyota separates the Tundra 1/2 ton into the class leader in quality with comparable mileage for light duty pickup AND adds a CAPABLE 3/4 tom deisel for the real work and image any true “truck company” needs to have … well until then we who cherish our Tundra / Tacoma trucks will always be required to settle for the best of the lower classification trucks and a largely insignificant share of the market volume. In order to see the 1/2 Tundra sales literally sky rocket there MUST be a true competitor to the big 3 HD trucks. We know the springs, shocks etc difference between a 3/4 and 1 ton truck are not prohibitive once the frame and engines are ready for the task. Body styling differences for easy recognition are pretty uncomplicated as well. Your likely as tired as I am of the Hino and Clummins rumors. But something has to open up soon or 30,000 to 70,000 sales a year will be the average for the coming decade just like the last underperforming one. Why, why, WHY won’t you listen Toyota and diversity and provide real option packages which include specifically designed engines for real needs and the aforementioned HD platefotm that would cause industry wide upheaval ?????????????

  • Superslif

    As far as towing standard, Toyota is the only one to fully adapt the SAE ( Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2807 Towing standard on all their vehicles. I believe they have been doing it for a few years. Yes, because of the new standard my Tundra is rated at 10,000 I can “safely” tow. All the others seem to leap-frog over each other to be top dog. I’m perfectly fine with that because that is what I bought it for.

    I have seen a few people tow a medium sized 5th wheel RV’s, but in reality there are very few light weight 5ers out there that a Tundra can safely handle. There are some 6500 to 7500k 5ers with 1000 lb hitch weights out there.

    You have to understand, “if & “when” Toyota ever decides to move up to the 3/4 & one ton market, you have to justify the cost to re-tool and sell enough to cover that cost. Right now they sell about 100k Tundra’s, their capacity is said to be 138k (Tundra) out of the San Antonio plant they share with the Tacoma. You can’t just slap a diesel motor in and sell it.

  • Stan

    Gordon, what you expressed in your commentary is exactly what I was thinking, only you expressed my thoughts so much better then I did in my post, also I am aware that payload and towing capacity are two different things. Keep in mind there are sliding fifth wheel hitches that slide to prevent body contact. Randy I was not asking a 1/2 ton to do what a 3/4 ton should do, just asking that we get more pay load and towing options is all. I want to be able to put a slide in camper in my 05 but am not able to do so of the size I want because the payload capacity is not there. However Chris brings up a good point the 10,000 lb capacity of the 2014 might do the trick, I will have to take another look. Some where along the lines I heard a conversation recently that because of the design/production/promotion ramp up on a new product and the fact that cafe standards set for I believe it’s 2015 make it unlikely Toy is going to come out with a diesel until 2017. Now if Toy will come out with a 3/4 and 1 ton diesel in 2017 with all the luxury at a very competitive price (low 40K’s) they will walk away with the market in my opinion. Hey design team if your listening bring back the fully opening rear window featured in the 05 tundra, and make sure all the window tint is put on before the windows are installed so that the inner wiper seal doesn’t catch the film as mine is doing and start peeling it off. The film on the driver side stops just a hair below the inner wiper seal on my truck.

  • root user

    Diesel, 5th wheel capable. That’s all we want. I can get another few years out of my 03.

  • davidc

    I’ve been towing a fifth wheel with my 2008 tundra DC since 2009. First was a 2010 wildcat 29rlbs, dry weight 8700lbs. Now a 2013 rockwood 8282ws with dry weight of 7700lbs. I have airbags to keep the rig level and have towed all over rockies, smokies and Ozarks. I averaged 10 mpg towing last sept over 4700 miles over 3 weeks from Louisiana to Estes park, co and up thru Yellowstone in Montana by way of Beartooth hwy. Beautiful drive. Tundra purred like a kitten up to 13,000′ elev. Back thru badlands, Rushmore and Ozarks. Tundra has the power, just needs a heavier suspension option for heavier payload. And the Rookwood has a Reese revolution pin box that moves the pivot point back about 20″ allowing for 90° turns without a slider hitch. Also works in 5.5′ beds.
    Come on Toyota, make a stronger suspension!

  • Gordon Giles

    Sorry I can’t confirm that glossy accounting of towing my friend. My 30′ bumper camper through the Smokies the past toe years has been challenging enough. Brakes heat up going down, and the 5.7 with the towing gears 4:30 -1 wind too much at 45 or 50 going up hill. Very capable for a lighter load but a small deisel and heavier suspension, brakes, STANDARD BRAKE CONTROLLER … Lol


  • Robert Severson

    yes. this.

  • Robert Severson

    no one is asking them to just slap a diesel in it. consumers want a heavy duty toyota. I’d buy 2. (not kidding).

  • Ppyzyna

    JUST $45000???

  • CrewmaxCamper

    I’m mostly impressed Toyota found inspiration for this Tundra from 1794.. I would think 1974 would make more sense….

  • frank

    I just traded my Toyota Tundra for 2014 Ram Laramie Quad. I love this new RAM!!!

  • Frank

    The 1794 looks to be nice too late, but this new Ram I traded for has the Laramie package that is is AWESOME! Leather Heated Steering wheel,Seats,full Auto Head Lights,wipers, Full automatic or manual air Shocks, 8 speed Transmission, 3.92 Gear rated @ 10500 Lbs towing with all Tow package and runs like a scared rabbit!!