2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Specs Leaked

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Specs Leaked

Chevrolet just spilled the beans on the 2015 Corvette Z06, which apparently will come with 620 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. 

The company hasn’t officially released information on its latest hardcore sports car, but a Jalopnik reader spotted that running a “Google search” on the term “2015 Corvette Z06 supercar reveal” brings up a URL directly from the brand citing 2015-corvette-z06-power-numbersthose numbers.

With the official debut set to take place next week, more details are sure to slip out.

Unfortunately, the link shown in the screen shot here directs to a blank page. Leaked images reportedly showing the LT4 V8 show a supercharger and Chevrolet’s “oopsy daisy” seems to back that up. Regardless, 620 hp is a healthy increase over the old Z06 with 505 hp and a thick margin above the current Stingray’s naturally aspirated 455-hp LT1 V8. Perhaps most impressively, that also means the new Z06 has more torque than the ZR1 halo ‘Vette.

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  • Tenchi

    It’s in the meta description of the page. Page works now.


  • MikeVossen

    Cannot wait for this car!

  • Dave Hale C7 Stingray Forum

    Specs are incorrect. The C7 Stingray Forum Facebook page have the Official specs from GM that are 625 hp, and 635 ft/lbs of torque, for the 6.2L Supercharged Z06, available with 7speed manual or 8 speed automatic transmission. Here is a sneak pic as well…

  • Steve Rielly

    So, what does that mean for a potential ZR1 C7?
    If the Z06 is super-charged, then I think larger displacement to break 700HP?

  • Dave Hale C7 Stingray Forum

    Doubt there will be a ZR1…

  • stopthetaxincrease .

    Assuming this is correct, why would GM build a new ZR1? Now that the z06 has a supercharger, it seems pointless. Any buyer of a supercharged ZR1 would have to contend with a guy buying a Z06 and changing a pulley to put out more horsepower for a lot less money. Nevertheless good news on the HP bump.

  • Auto Motive

    Lets look at pricing…Z06 $100k …..ZR $135k….I am waiting for the Mach 1 Mustang powered by the Voodo v8 or even the monster 5.8 liter 662 hp which may be offered with a 9 speed tranny with paddle shifters or the SRT branded Cuda/Avenger coupe with the hellcat 6.2 hemi rumored to be 600-660 hp with matching torque numbers attached to a eight speed auto with paddle shifters. Pricing rumors again $65-70k fully optioned. Wgt close to the vette 3200 or so lbs. If any of these rumors are close we can see some awesome 0-60 numbers.
    The Z06 could be a 3.2 second vehicle so the ZR1 3 second or less ? and SRT with similar numbers. We are talking supercars from American companies.

  • John Engelman

    The rumor mill has the 620 hp. ZO6 at 2.5 sec to 60mph..,.