2015 Chrysler 200 Video, First Look

2015 Chrysler 200 Video, First Look

With the official debut of the Chrysler 200, the American automaker is rethinking its approach to the midsized segment, focusing on attractive styling and new technology to catch the eyes of new car buyers.

Using a platform based on the Dodge Dart and Jeep Cherokee, the 200 is available with two solid engines, both of which mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The 200 is also available with a rare feature in the mid-sized sedan segment: all-wheel drive. In the 200, the rear axle can actually disconnect, reducing parasitic drag and improving fuel economy.

The interior is also a huge upgrade from the past Chrysler mid-sized sedans and features an emphasis on interior space.

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GALLERY: 2015 Chrysler 200 Live Reveal


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  • tony1980

    Interested to hear about the reliability of the post Oct ’13 models? Currently thinking about buying the Overland diesel but I’ve heard about problems with the Uconnect system and transmission?

  • Rich

    5 months and 6K miles on my 2014 V6 Overland and 110% satisfied. I read many of the transmission and electronic problems you mention prior to purchase but my vehicle has performed flawlessly to date in all categories.

  • Rob

    You mentioned the heated seat were “ineffective”. I suppose if in the US, that comment may be somewhat creditable, but in Australia the high setting is very adequate.

    The Laredo 4×2 is very fuel efficient 10.5litres/100 Kms after completing 10,000kms. (23mpg) in mostly city driving.

  • wolfpackwahoo

    good feedback. thx for sharing

  • Butenko Gena

    Моя мечта

  • aces928

    The rear glass is fixed. It makes using the rear cargo area difficult if you have a trailer attached.