2015 Ford F-150 Video, First Look

2015 Ford F-150 Video, First Look

Ford unveiled its latest and great F-150 pickup truck at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, sporting a new high-strength aluminum body. 

The F-150 has shed 700 pounds thanks to the new materials which will help contribute to improved fuel efficiency. Engine options are also revised with two new motors available, a 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6 and a base 3.5-liter V6.

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Tons of new usability features have been installed on the F-150, namely a next-generation bed step, LED bed lights and a new tie-down system Ford calls “Boxlink.” This new setup features four receptacles that can receive tie-downs or a number of other interchangeable Ford accessories.

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New trailering features include light hook ups that have been moved above the bumper and a new trailer app that offers intricate info such as whether or not a trailer light is out or not. Other tech features include a 360-degree camera view and an eight-inch touchscreen in the center stack.

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  • Tulmn

    I’ve always been a big ford guy. I encourage new technology but I also encourage the ability to choose the options that I want. The Ford F150 is still the best looking truck on the market and will continue to appeal to me. Keep the profits in America and America will become a super power once again. I hope Toyota buyers will wake up and look at what Ford has to offer!

  • West Dyke

    Just wanted to watch the video BUT FIRST had to painfully endure the aggravating commercial, maybe I’ll buy a DODGE.

  • Normsled

    Where is the V-6 DIESEL from the Range Rover?? It is a Ford Design and was all set to go!!! Give us a Diesel. Don’t let Dodge and Nissan beat you at your own game!!