2015 Lexus RC F is the IS F Coupe of Your Dreams

2015 Lexus RC F is the IS F Coupe of Your Dreams

Long a purveyor of dependable but somewhat dreary luxury cars Lexus continues to reinvent itself. Products like the limited-production (and totally awesome) LFA supercar as well as enthusiast-focused F Sport models demonstrate the brand’s newfound passion. And this blue beauty is writing the next chapter in Lexus’ journey.

This is the RC F, a high-performance two-door car and arguably a product the company has needed for years. We think it’s got both the style and hardware to attract a lot of attention. Look at it; this thing is STUNNING!

2015-Lexus-RC-F-Rear-Three-Quarter.jpgIt’s based on the RC Coupe that was revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show back in November, though this car features a number of important changes.

Up front the first thing you’ll notice is the brand’s signature spindle grille and here it’s filled in with a black mesh texture. The car’s also got separate lights under the main headlamp assemblies, a flourish we saw, of course, on the 2014 IS sport sedan.

It’s hard to tell, but the RC F actually has a taller hood than the RC Coupe, and for good reason. This thing is motivated by an eight-cylinder engine, though we don’t have any specifics about it at this time. What we can share is this: Lexus claims it’s the most powerful V8 performance car they’ve ever developed. That means it’s got to be more muscular than the 416 ponies found in today’s IS F. But will that be enough to keep up with cars like the new BMW M4? At this point we just don’t know…

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The RC F’s flanks highlight some unique sculptural elements, complete with a fender vent. Additionally, three wheel designs are available. They all have 10 spokes and span 19 inches.

2015-Lexus-RC-F-Interior.jpgOut back is a speed-sensitive spoiler. It’s designed to stabilize the car at higher velocities. It deploys at 50 miles an hour and tucks away at speeds less than 25. Stacked quad tailpipes provide an exit for spent combustion gasses and look really cool!

The RC F’s interior is a lot like the cockpit of an IS, though it does have some unique flourishes. The gauges are different, as are the seats, pedals and steering wheel.

Additional details about this exciting new high-performance Lexus two-door will be released in just a few short days, so make sure you come back to AutoGuide.com for the full story. And don’t miss our COMPLETE coverage of the 2014 North American International Auto Show. Press days start on Monday, January 13.

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  • Rickers

    Sweet Jebus that’s hawt!

  • J Mac

    Can a car be sexually arousing? I didn’t think so until now.

  • Camaro Fan

    Japanese crap.

  • Chad

    Better then American crap

  • Camaro Fan

    Better THAN American crap?

  • Rob

    Why does Lexus have to produce such a boring looking car? The concept LF-CC was so much better. This looks like something off the rental fleet. Its really too bad. They have the engineering, but it seems as though their executives are just too conservative. Everything seems to get so watered down from concept to production stage. Its like there is a bunch of 65 year old white men sitting in a Board room saying that their Golf Club may not like the aggressive styling. Too bad they now have a boring product that is unlikely to sell.

  • Tony Markovich


  • Tony Markovich

    Yes. Yes they can.

  • Tanner Anton

    Look at the car it is meaning to replace. The IS-C. This is so much more aggressive and stunning looking! PLUS here is the thing about a concept car…..it is a concept. They never were going to put the LF-LC in production, just use designs from it for other cars. I am with Tony, nothing but a trolllllll

  • Rickers

    What picture are you looking at? This thing looks nuts to me.

  • JS

    YES! MUCH Better THAN American crap

  • Nick Benoit


  • Alan

    PLUS, the interior of American cars are Never better THAN both Japanese and European.

  • Ak1m0to

    The LF-LC is rumored to be the new LFA replacement.
    This RC is supposed to be similar to the IS coupe.
    Totally different cars/platform…

  • Sarah F
  • Ken Bryant

    OH COM ON… More of that ridiculous looking grill. You go Lexus keep ruining your cars with that grill. Remember how few cars you sold in the 90’s because of bad looks. Here you go again, I can say I will not be replacing my CT 200 with any of these cars.

  • Jamespar

    Mazel Tov Lexus! Looks great, I’m digging the grill! Especially those exhaust tips, I haven’t seen any German or American cars with those, classic example of leading the wolf pack.

  • Riley Freeman™

    Incorrect. Lexus has publicly confirmed that the LF-LC is going into production, but it won’t be before the 2016 or 2017 model years, at the earliest. The RC has nothing to do with the LF-LC concept. This car is based on the LF-CC.

  • Riley Freeman™

    Don’t know where you heard that from, but the LF-LC has never been intended to be the LFA successor. The car is smaller than the LFA, and Lexus never intended to put the car into production, it was just supposed to showcase the styling direction Lexus was moving towards. However, there was such an overwhelmingly positive public reception to the LF-LC, that Lexus confirmed the car will actually go into production in the next few year.

  • Harry_Wild

    Hate the front grill – looks like the mouth from the Predator – movie character. LOL!

  • Helen Gaist Hunter

    My new car

  • Don Dressel

    hate that front grill! other then that beautiful car!

  • j noguera

    when are the 2015 suv coming out?