Audi Plans to Expand, Restyle Q Lineup

Audi Plans to Expand, Restyle Q Lineup

Audi is planning a host of new Q models which will all wear a fresh new design, ranging from a new Q1 small crossover to a possible Q9 large SUV. 

“We can go up after that [with a Q8 or Q9] and can also go inbetween our current Q cars with a model between the Q3 and Q5 or one between the Q5 and Q7,” Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg told Autocar. “These are projects we are discussing and working on.”

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Along with the addition of new variants, a new design language is also going to be introduced for all of Audi’s Q models that is said to emphasize horizontal lines rather than the vertical emphasis seen on the current Q grille. Audi is also going to try and differentiate its vehicles more, as the company often finds itself under fire for having vehicles that all look the same.

Special styling elements will be given to Audi’s Quattro models, rather than just receiving badges as today’s models do. The brand wants to highlight the four-wheel drive equipped vehicles with more muscular styling.

[Source: Autocar]

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    Good! That Q7 needs a SERIOUS update.