Automakers Keeping Driver Location Data: Report

Automakers Keeping Driver Location Data: Report

Through GPS navigation systems, automakers have been tracking the whereabouts of their customers, who have no right to demand that the location information be destroyed.

The Government Accountability Office released a report which found that major automakers all have different policies when it comes to the types of data collected and how long that information is stored.

Collecting the data is a necessary evil as services like real-time traffic reporting and the ability to find nearby restaurants all require the logging of location information, but what is done with that info raises questions. “If companies retained data, they did not allow consumers to request that their data be deleted, which is a recommended practice,” says the report.

Using this data, companies would be able to track all of your movements, and would then be able to discern some individual info such as religious affiliation or banking locations.

Luckily, the intentions of the car companies seem to be good as the report did find that all automakers have taken steps to protect the info, and that none of them are selling the data.

[Source: Detroit News]