VW Beetle Dune Concept Pays Homage to the Baja Bug

VW Beetle Dune Concept Pays Homage to the Baja Bug

Paying tribute to the many custom off-road versions of the classic Beetle, known as the baja bug, Volkswagen has unveiled the Dune Concept at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

The original baja bug was built to tackle the desert or the beach, and the Dune Concept looks to do the same. Based on the the 2014 Beetle R-Line, the car features a 210 hp turbocharged four cylinder motor, mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Dimensions grow all around on the Dune compared to the standard Beetle thanks those body modifications needed to tackle the sand. The overall length has grown by 0.5 inches to 168.9 inches and the car is both 2.0 inches higher off the ground and 0.8 inches taller. Aluminum spoke 19-inch wheels and 255/45 tires are fitted to the Dune complete black-painted inserts and polished aluminum rims.

2014 Detroit Auto Show Coverage

Yellow-gold metallic paint with black accents complete the look, but the Dune isn’t all about fashion over function. The outer parts of the rear spoiler swivel which allows skis to be placed inside and clamped into place. A set of skis can also be secured by the roof spoiler using two specific receptacles and a small belt.

The inside is finished in the same yellow as the exterior with contrasting black accents. On the passenger side, a large grab handle is fitted, and in the center stack the Dune features a 7.7-inch touchscreen.

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  • RickyJxxx

    I wonder if Charles Manson is going to get one?

  • Name

    looks good to me, it would be just awesome with AWD!

  • Sarah

    soooo beautiful guys!! Color is great but a bit brighter or at least give me the option to get it a brighter orange hehehe keep it up and almost there for me!! Much love from the south~

  • Sarah

    I would like a ride if he does and I could tell him where to pick me up!