Bentley to Offer Plug-In Hybrids Across Model Range

Bentley to Offer Plug-In Hybrids Across Model Range

Bentley has confirmed that it will equip its future models with hybrid technologies, with its SUV being the first to receive a plug-in variant.

The Bentley SUV is expected to launch in 2016 and the plug-in hybrid version will likely arrive a year later. As for the rest of the luxury automaker’s lineup, hybrid versions will follow when those vehicles are due for a major change. As part of the Volkswagen Group, expect the Bentley SUV to borrow its plug-in hybrid technology from the Porsche Panamera Hybrid, the same system that will be making its way to the Porsche Cayenne.

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“The SUV will be the first Bentley hybrid because it’s based on a new platform with new technology,” said Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber. “You need space for batteries and the technology, so we probably won’t do that for existing models. We will see hybrid versions of all of our cars, though.”

It still isn’t clear how the finished Bentley SUV will look, but the automaker hinted that its design has been overhauled based on feedback from the EXP 9F concept after a tenuous first reception.

GALLERY: Bentley EXP 9 F SUV Concept


[Source: AutoExpress]

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