BMW 328i xDrive Wagon vs. Toyota Avalon Hybrid vs. Chevrolet Volt

BMW 328i xDrive Wagon vs. Toyota Avalon Hybrid vs. Chevrolet Volt

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Another week, another polar vortex descends from the north to pester America. What is this, winter? How come it’s so damn cold outside? But now you can beat the below-zero chills; let us invite you inside to warm the cockles of your heart with the temperate goodness of a helping hand.

Gavin is a 32-year-old bachelor that’s looking for some new transportation. We were going to suggest a sedan chair or perhaps even a rickshaw but he was pretty insistent on getting a car. Perhaps unreasonable fees associated with human-powered vehicles deterred him from one of these eco-friendly options. Additionally the seat-hauler’s union can be a bear to deal with.


G-man wants a stylish vehicle with good fuel economy, a navigation system and a bitchin’ stereo. Additionally, he’d like something with enough room for his keyboard and amplifier, apparently he’s a musician, or a hipster, or both; we just don’t know. To cover all of our bases we’ll recommend some products with cubbies to stash a tin of moustache wax as well as room for a fixie bike and some cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Apparently he’d also like a sunroof.

So far he’s considered an entry-level Chevrolet Impala with the base 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine as well as a Nissan Juke; two totally different products. Curiously the budget for this week’s Ask AutoGuide is a seemingly incongruous $45,000, which gives him a  plethora of interesting vehicles to choose from, though Subarus, Fiats and Suzukis are strictly off limits. Still, we’ve hand-picked an eclectic trio that will meet his needs and hopefully pique his interest.