BMW i3 Production More Advanced than Model S: CEO

BMW i3 Production More Advanced than Model S: CEO

The CEO of BMW North America believes that the new i3 is the most advanced EV when it comes to how the car is produced, contrary to statements made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  

Back in August, Elon Musk poked a little fun at BMW’s i3 electric car saying it’s a good start, but there’s room to improve, and now BMW’s US CEO has shared his view on the matter.

When asked how the Tesla Model S compares to the BMW i3, BMW CEO Ludwig Willisch responded, “I would dare say that nobody is, at this point in time where we are, as far as the whole production process is concerned.”

“You need to look at the whole concept,” he continued. “We start off by producing carbon fiber in Moses Lake, Washington, with hydropower. Then we use fully recyclable materials to build the car. We build the car with wind power. So the whole production cycle is fully sustainable.”

Willish’s point is that BMW’s approach to building an EV is environmentally friendly all the way through. He added, “Others build electric cars the conventional way. You need to look at the carbon footprint of the whole thing.”

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Willisch also added that the light-weight i3 is more fun to drive due to its low weight, maybe taking another jab at Tesla’s bigger and heavier Model S. While the i3 and Model S don’t compete with each other, the two companies both make premium electric vehicles, and more models which sit in the same size and market segment are sure to come.

 [Source: Business Insider]

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  • Wallace

    Maybe the i8, but that remains to be seen. Show me. The i3 is a clumsy looking vehicle with a poorly laid out interior. Ok, so they build them with green manufacturing. It doesn’t mean they are any good.

  • RB

    BMW? My bad, I thought it was the new Pontiac Aztec.