Self-Parking Smartphone App Announced by Bosch

Self-Parking Smartphone App Announced by Bosch

Bosch just announced this that it has developed a self-parking function for vehicles that can be accessed through a smartphone application.

The self-parking system will take advantage of sensors and video cameras to remotely park a vehicle without the aid of a human driver. According to Tim Frasier, regional president of Bosch Automotive Electronics North America, the system will go into production this year.

Unfortunately, Frasier didn’t elaborate on which automaker will be the first to integrate the technology but noted that it will work in any parking lot, even “very tight European structures.” Essentially, the driver will pull up to an open space in a parking lot, activate the function from inside the vehicle, leave the vehicle and use the smartphone app to complete the parking job.

Bosch is also working on a next-generation version, called valet parking, which will allow drivers to simply get out of their vehicle at the entrance of a parking lot and let the vehicle find its own parking space.

[Source: Automotive News]