People Pick EVs for Environment Over Pump Savings

People Pick EVs for Environment Over Pump Savings

A new study finds that more electric vehicle buyers made their choice for environmental reasons than for gas mileage.

“Domestic brands in general are carving out a niche for themselves by offering vehicles with the latest technological features, and it appears to be getting the attention of consumers,” said Jon Osborn, research director at J.D. Power.

Even though gas mileage remains the most influential purchase reason for the entire automotive industry, 32 percent of EV buyers cited that they purchased their vehicle due to environmental concerns while 29 percent admitted they purchased their EVs to avoid visiting the pump.

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“It’s important for automakers to understand what motivates new-vehicle buyers to shop and purchase a particular model and focus on promoting those top purchase influencers to differentiate themselves and gain market share.”

The study also suggests domestic vehicle buyers that previously owned an import model are even more likely to purchase a domestic EV for its new technology and features.

The results are from J.D. Power’s new U.S. Avoider Study, which also found that exterior styling (33 percent) is the most influential reason for new-vehicle shoppers to avoid certain models in the segment. Finally, 81 percent of new-vehicle buyers who use the Internet for car shopping referred to online ratings and reviews prior to purchasing their vehicle.

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