BYD Says Chinese Cars Coming to US by Late 2015

BYD Says Chinese Cars Coming to US by Late 2015

Chinese cars are on their way to the streets of the U.S., and could arrive as early as late 2015 according to a senior executive at Chinese automaker BYD. 

BYD already tried to enter the U.S. in 2010, but the company was not prepared. “Back then, we had passion, but we had no brand, no history, no capital and no competitive advantage,” Stella Li, the company’s VP of U.S. business told Bloomberg. “BYD has become more fashionable and we have improved our design and safety. We don’t want to compete on price anymore, but on quality and innovation.”

BYD is technically already in the United States, though currently the company only sells electric buses to fleet buyers, and not directly to consumers. The brand specializes in electric vehicles and hybrids, and will market their Qin plug-in hybrid sedan as their flagship when BYDs eventually go on sale. In total, BYD plans on entering the U.S. market place with a four vehicle lineup.

While BYD will likely be first in the U.S, there are many other Chinese companies interested in selling their cars on American soil. Geely, a Chinese car company whose parent company owns Volvo has plans to introduce cars developed with the Swedish brand into the U.S. by 2016.

[Source: Bloomberg]

  • Soyntgo4it

    Looks like a Corolla. As long as its no Hybrid I’d consider it.

  • johnb0311

    What are they called Obama-som-tang-nu ?

  • Greencar

    I will place an order for three at least. At $31K, 200mpg and 330 bhp, 0-62 moph in 5.9 secs. And many special and safety features, it is a super bargain.