Early Cadillac ELR Buyers get Free 240V Charge Station

Early Cadillac ELR Buyers get Free 240V Charge Station

Cadillac is offering some extra incentive to prospective ELR buyers, giving early adopters a complimentary 240-volt home charging station along with free installation. 

The brand says that with the charging station, the ELR should regain a fully charged battery in around 4.5 hours. Without it, the ELR takes from 12.5 to 18 hours to fully charge.

Throwing in the charging station should help consumers get over the hefty starting price for the car, which carries a price tag just under $76,000. For customers interested in a lease, the ELR can be had for $699 per month for 39 months plus $5,999 due at signing.

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The ELR makes 207 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, and can travel a total of 340 miles on a full charge and a full tank of gas.

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  • Richard Rahl

    The $699/mo lease only applies to the absolute base model car, in a state with no sales tax, no other government fees, and assuming the driver pays all drive-off fees (about $2,500) on TOP of the $6,000 down payment.

    The 207 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque is an upper limit and not the car’s constantly available power. You can’t even get more than Volt acceleration (0-60 in 9 seconds) until you’ve driven 30-40 miles and depleted the battery (so that the engine kicks in to provide the extra oomph). “Hold” mode and “Mountain” mode do NOT provide this extra power.

    The figures and specs quoted in this article are extremely disingenuous.

  • danwat1234

    Yup it’s faster than the Volt when the engine is on, versus the stock Volt when the engine is on it’s no faster. But you can reflash the engine ECU for the Volt so the engine helps acceleration when in hold mode. 0-60 of 7 seconds or so.

    Too bad the ELR doesn’t get 6.6KW charging capabilities.