Cadillac Should Exploit Escalade Name: Exec

Cadillac Should Exploit Escalade Name: Exec

Rumors of a Cadillac branded crossover are being stoked by none other than the man in charge of the luxury automaker, Bob Fergusson.

Speaking with AutoGuide at the Detroit Auto Show, Fergusson responded to rumors of an Escalade-badged crossover. Far from downplaying them he commented that, “I just think the Escalade is a strong brand within Cadillac and I think we should exploit that.”

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Cautioning that, “I have nothing specific to announce,” Fergusson did more than hint at the direction of the brand’s future product development, adding that, “crossovers like the SRX are our biggest seller.”

Earlier reports have indicated that Cadillac is planning to launch a third model in its crossover and SUV lineup in 2016. Rather than returning the SRX to its 3-row roots, a new model would, allegedly, be introduced to fit that market segment competing with popular vehicles like the Acura MDX and could bear the Escalade name.

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Fergusson is bullish on sales of the new fourth-generation Escalade, which will hit dealers this spring priced from $71,695. He told AutoGuide that be expects sales to get a boost with the new model. And they could use it. In 2013 Escalade sales sank to an all-time low with just 12,592 units moved.

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  • Jay

    Why give it a name? None of the other Cadillacs do, so just call it R2D2.. Remember when Eldorado or Deville meant something Cadillac?

  • Channel 2012

    True. I mean, they already soiled the once-decent SRX name by turning it into a steaming pile of shit in the 2010 “redesign”. The base escalade couldn’t possibly get any smaller than the current Tahoe sized vehicle without making some kind of (yet another) badge engineered Acadia. If the new escalade really is going to look as terrible as the car in the photo, I don’t think they’ll need to even worry about it either.