Caterham Seven Coming to the US

Caterham Seven Coming to the US

Caterham Cars has confirmed that variants of its Caterham Seven will be heading to the U.S.

The vehicles will be exported from the British automaker’s factory in England partially completed to Superformance’s warehouse in Irvine, California. From there, Superformance will either distribute the vehicles as a rolling chassis through its nationwide dealer network or select dealers will be able to request for complete assembly at an extra cost.

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Though the British automaker didn’t announce which variants will be heading to America, Superformance confirmed that the Seven 480 and the Seven 620R will be part of the lineup. The 620R is powered by a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine with 310 hp and 219 lb-ft of torque.

“The US market has always been a difficult one for us, thanks to the stringent federal homologation rules but we know there is an appetite for our particular brand of lightweight and performance. Signing a new official distributor in the form of Superformance in America is a natural extension of how our brand is expanding, rapidly, across the globe,” said Caterham CEO Graham Macdonald in a released statement.

GALLERY: Caterham Seven 160


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  • Rory R

    Why anyone would buy this car is beyond me. My cousin has one and it feels like a crappy tinker toy. No touchscreen? Noleather seats? No power? No nothing. I HATE this car. Might as well stick your head in the sand and light your money on fire. Yuck.

  • Steveie_g1980

    You’re way off, duder. I drive one every day and I save SO much in gas on my commute. Not the coolest car I’ve ever owned. That title goes to a Mitsubishi 3000GT.

  • J Mack

     No leather? WTF… it’s a compact sedan. I don’t want leather, I want a solid and fuel efficient compact car.

  • Ando

    I’ve NEVER seen a sub $20k car with either touch screen or leather. I had a $24K Pontiac G5 prior to my Cruze Eco with leather wrap steering wheel, sunroof, and every single option available, which included the fore-mentioned and a 10″ pioneer sub, 16′ alloy wheels and remote start. Not this vehicle I got NO options other than remote start. Cost me $4000 less, looks WAY better. I get complimented all the time. Admittedly, the interior left a little to be desired, so I tinted the windows, upgraded my stereo to Dayton component front speakers, tweeters and two IDQ 15″ subs, with an older Alpine 1000watt amp and 300watt powering the front. I also upgraded my lighting harness, and my head lights are twice as bright and very white, without going to HIDs. Also put an Injen intake on the turbo that I scored for $120 lightly used and interior, side marker and plate LED bulbs. It’s all cost me about $900 installing it all myself (except the tint). And my car still looks completely stock, but just slightly classier. I get all kinds of compliments. People actually like the look of the stock head unit, and are blown away when they hear it (because it looks so clean and stock). And most importantly, it’s twice as good on gas than my G5. I can’t believe how utterly crap my G5 was on gas. Infact I had a 1997 Buick Park Ave that did better on the high way, and was a complete land yacht. The beautiful 6 speed transmission, which is tuned for economy, is great on gas. Feels a little more peppy with my after market intake and some 89 octane (which does pay for itself with this particular vehicle, and then some). I also gapped my spark plugs and might in the future adjust my hub brakes, which aren’t the best right now but no worse than any other mid size or compact in it’s price range. 

    Your comment might make sense stacking it up to a low end BMW. But my friends and family, some with more expensive vehicles, all love my Cruze. If it weren’t a lease I’d even put more permanent mods on it, like new springs and an exhaust, probably a new transmission tune so it preforms even better on premium fuel and shifts a touch faster. But for the price, it’s an incredible vehicle. And I would never change the stock appearance. Which, I cannot say for almost any vehicle at this price.

  • Mike

    Erm, I just drove a rental 2013 Cruze with both a touchscreen and leather.  It was a pretty great drive for a small car (which is why i went looking for reviews).  Maybe it wasn’t the Eco model.

  • Me

    Get over yourself… you’re probably ugly

  • P_komisky

    I sat in a new Cruz at the dealer. It had leather, touchscreen, power, onstar, bluetooth,
    backup camera, navigation and more. It showed where the closest gas stations were
    with the price per gallon.

  • frank

    you have issues dude. Your cousin have the car but you hate it?? save your comments next time. get a life and find something positive to share…

  • Obermd

    It takes about a month to get used to the overdrive gearing in the Cruze ECO MT, but after that all the negatives the reviewer had about the gearing go away.  This car is deceptively quick on the highway.  The only negatives I have over other Cruze trims are no spare tire and no rear cup holders.

    By the way, the Cruze was the number one selling car in September.

  • Scott Gordon

    I have almost 9,000 miles on mine and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  I am getting over 40 MPG average – that’s with my calculator – doing the math every time I fill up.  I spend a lot of time in this car driving about 200 miles a day, mixed hwy and in town.  The seats are great, the electronics are great – I use the bluetooth and XM radio all day long. 

    I smile every time I fill up when the pump stops at 10 gallons and the odometer reads over 400 miles on the last 10 gallons I put in.  I see all the comparable cars on the streets and know the numbers on all of them – no regrets and would buy another for my wife if I could.

  • tim stevens

     What  I find amusing is all you folks talking about having  7000 or 9000 miles on this “great” car. Write back in 2 years when you have real miles and tell me how great it is. These GM POS were never made to last rather give you a good felling at the pump until you need to start putting your hard earned $$$ into repair.

  • Kkkrambo


  • joe

    I’ve put 12000 miles on my 2012 Eco, it drives great, I get 43 mpg consistently now that it has broken in properly. The shifting did takes some getting used to, but once you’ve driven it enough you find yourself really in tune with the car and what shifts it wants. It is very comfortable, I can hook up my iPhone to listen to my music, and I use the bluetooth. My family says it looks really good and my dad likes to drive it (he owns a BMW 330i…), and I am glad I bought it. I used to be a Honda person (drove a 94 prelude until it died at over 230k miles) but the civic (a comparable car to the cruze) didn’t impress me, the cruze sure did and it continues to impress me. I get complimented all the time. And when I fill up $35 bucks for over 400 miles it is an awesome feeling. 

  • tim stevens

     I hope you don’t plan on getting 230K on this POS

  • $29896495

    You guys like the look of this? Unbelievable! It is ugly,  Try taking a look at an Opel Astra, then think about what you are getting. They are both produced by GM on the same platform. Though I think you’ll find the Astra has better brakes, 4 wheel discs, better suspension, leather, everything you wonder at or have to buy as an option.  It’s interesting to me that you aren’t familiar with leather and touch screens, in mid/small cars. Just because it’s not a land yacht doesn’t mean it has to have nothing in it. It also doesn’t mean it can’t handle, perform and still have fuel economy. Essentially you are being sold a crock because you don’t know anybetter

  • Ahah

    lol. You’re an idiot. Feel sorry for ya :/

  • Flyingdesmo

    It and the non-eco version can lease for less than $100 a month with very little down. What other car can do that? It benifits from residual tech from the volt at half the cost to own. Go GM!

  • $29896495

    Didn’t you read what I wrote. Both GM cars in fact sharing the same platform and tech, though the Opel is more advanced in a lot of areas. Look, I get it, better a PIG for free, than a swan which costs two dollars.

  • Abu

    No,not the same Opel….s more like the Suzuki Verona wich was build on the same chassis and now you don’t see many around

  • tim stevens

     More union built junk, enjoy this POS while it still runs as it will be a rattle trap in a few short years no doubt when the warranty expires. I’ll stick with Toyota and have the peace of mind that comes with owning quality and built in a right to work state.

  • Jack

    You are what’s wrong with this country.

  • frank

    huwtm you are a douchebag

  • Abu

    The Astra was the start of this platform,but by the time GM got million’s of money spend on Korea Daewoo the re- do the whole proyect and by 2008 release it in Korea,by the time I was release in India and the rest of Europe Daewoo name was replace in Korea for Chevrolet.Opel is way better than this even they cancel the Saturn Astra for the same reason,better car and more expensive to build that this

  • $29896495

    Sounds like some people are over compensating for their purchase. But taste is subjective, so where the rest of the world think it’s a dud for looks and you love it, it must be a US thing. Same as being willing to pay a high price for so little. It truly is amazing.

  • rashmi Shah

    CHEVROLET Cruze 
    I am not happy with this car on two aspect. one average is low and AC is not as efficient, is should be.  

  • KenJr

    I bought my Cruze Eco (manual transmission) in March of 2011. Been tracking and logging my mileage ever since. Almost all my driving is city driving and I never baby my car for better mileage (actually, just the apposite, I’m an ‘A’ type and am usually ahead of everyone else upon leaving the stoplight). My mileage has averaged out to 29.1 mpg. When I have taken short trips out of town (freeway driving) I’ve gotten as low as 36 mpg (on stormy days) and as high as 43 mpg (on perfect days). Average Summer temperatures where I live are well into the 90s (fairly low humidity) but still my air conditioner keeps my car reasonably cool and comfortable.

  • Dave

    We have nearly 10000 miles on our eco manual and love it. Always owned Japanese cars and this car matches up well to them. The Elantra may be $3300 cheaper but I believe it has an interference engine with timing belt. I know 2 Hyundai owners who have ruined their engines when belt snapped while driving. Besides my Japanese cars I owned a Hyundai Accent that I put 2 automatic trannys in junked it when last one went out. I drive a Scion XD 120 miles a day has been durable not nearly as comfortable as Cruze. Will admit shifting took a little bit to get used to, but we are quite used to it now. Highway mileage on eco if babied will easily get 47+ mpg. We love it!!

  • $29896495

    You realise the Cruze engine has a timing belt not chain and that they are known for snapping ahead of their service time.

  • frank

    2 words for ya: douche bag

  • $29896495

    so You are the douche bag or the car? If you are, why tell everyone? (guess it’s still only you that knows since you are essentially anomous. Right!

  • Abu

    I happend on another Daewoo car the Chevrolet Aveo,bunch of timing belt problems and that build more customer trust in the brand right?

  • KenJr

    Those cars had timing belt problems .. I’ll take your word for it. But the car this article is about, the Cruze Eco has a timing CHAIN, not a belt.

  • Abu

    I may be,but not a fan of GM and a lot of articles from Automotive News way back on 2005 to 2006 about all the money they are spending in Korea operation to build a global car Daewoo was even changing the name to Chevrolet and all the small to medium front drive cars and crossover was going to be from them,then in USA money was lost and jobs too at the same time,I may be build here but the Camry,Accord and even another Korean car like Kia and Hiunday are also American too.Casillac is getting better with the help of Holden and getting way nicer,but again is going to take a long time to win back all those mad customers (dashboards crack on almost new Escalade and Tahoe’s and they don’t even like to be responsible for?)

  • KenJr

    The 1.4 liter turbo used in the Eco (the car this article is about) uses a timing chain, not a belt.

  • pjbmw

    Leave the slopping shifting to the automatic transmission varieties. My 6-speed is fun to drive and the gears are easy to find.  Getting up on the highway is no problem for the 1.4L turbo-charged engine.  I can only assume that the ‘cons’ listed above are for Ecos equipped with an auto.  Non of it applies to the 6-speed.  I have nothing negative to say about my Cruze with 21000 miles.  Of course, comparing to the Elantra, I negotiated roughly $900 off of sticker, an additional $500 USAA discount, and $1000 off from a GM card rebate. Can’t say that I’ve driven a Hyundai in the last three years, but I can say that I’ve never driven a Hyundai that comes close to this vehicle.

  • Kcooper35

    Reviewer .. Next time turn off the air conditioner.  You described the way my 2011 6 speed manual ECO drives when the the AC is on.  Turn it off and it it’s a lot more fun to drive.  Certain cars I’ve had in the past were programmed to turn the air conditioning off for brief periods (for instance when accelerating where maximum torque is preferred). I’d like to see the Cruze Eco design team find a way to do that on this car.  I do it manually. I have the rough portion of a Velcro patch stuck to my A/C button so I can find it by feel when, for instance, I want peppier performance on accelerating from a full stop.

    Years ago I switched from American cars to European cars. How the car handles on turns and twisting roads is important to me. Link tight handling to turbo performance and you have a fun car to drive.  This is one of few American cars I’ve found that meets that criteria.

    Oh, and I tried the Hyundai Elantra.  To me it seemed boring .. and .. it didn’t leave the feeling of open spaciousness that I experience with this car.  It felt like the kind of car a Consumer Reports reviewer would like.

    And finally, would someone please explain this reviewer’s statement to me: “That story stands in stark contrast with the front accommodation’s positive feedback. With a sole storage pouch, no cup holders and a lumbar-killing seatback, you had better be prepared for a barrage of complaints from the peanut gallery.”

  • $29896495

    That’s ridiculous! It’s a brand new car! You shouldn’t have to turn things off to make it do what you want. But then again it is a Daewoo. Good luck.

  • KenJr

    Be that as it may, a 1.4 liter engine pushing a car that weighs more than 3,000 pounds, especially when driven with the air conditioner on in high temperatures at higher elevations where the air is at least 20% less dense, It’s best to temporarily take the load the air conditioner presents off line when the car takes off from a complete stop,

  • Peahioi

    What has happened to ‘Caterham USA’ and it’ affiliated dealers???

  • Maral Shabak

    Caterham USA is still in tact and the companies are in talks about how to consolidate the two dealer networks. If you are an existing or hopeful Caterham customer, do not worry, you will be taken care of. If you have any questions you can reach me at

  • Peahioi

    What has happened to ‘Caterham USA’ and it’ affiliated dealers???

  • crissy

    my 2013 eco model does not come with a spare tire. they give u a fix a flat and a air compressor, well that doesnt work when u blow a tire!!! i have road side assistance and on star cuz i travel alot, and there has been times where i have been out of range for both!!! i think it should be a safety issue not an accessory!!! any positive feed back on a solution so i dont have to spend $500.00 for the kit? and by the way i did call chevrolet headquarters on this matter and there responce was “you bought the car like that” and i told them that sometimes i am out of range for cell service and on star and all i got was “sorry mam”

  • KenJr

    I liked my ECO .. Good car. But I did have to to have it towed once (flat-bedded) to a tire store when one of my tires went flat. . No more spare-tire-less cars for me. What a hassle.

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