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 |  Jan 25 2014, 11:32 AM


Lingenfelter has teamed up with Chevrolet and Southern Comfort Automotive to create the Silverado-based Reaper, a pickup aimed to compete with the Ford Raptor.

On the outside, the Silverado has been transformed with a more aggressive front end with matching skid plates and bumpers while 20-inch wheels have been bolted onto each corner with 33-inch off-road tires. Fox provides the suspension for the Reaper would other upgrades include LED lighting, a custom gauge pack and a Corsa exhaust system.

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Options for the Reaper include a rear graphics package, 17-inch beadlock wheels with off-road tires and those looking for more performance can get a supercharger and more from Lingenfelter.

The Chevrolet Reaper is available at participating Chevrolet dealerships.

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  • CA_Refugee

    Late to that party GM. I’ll take the Raptor. At least it has run in Baja 1000 races. Proved it’s reliability AND worthiness. What have you done??? (Other than sit is showrooms.)

  • Jeff T

    Woah ugly

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit!

  • Curtis Wicksall

    Did you hear about the New Design by Ford on their tailgates? They are Heated so your hands dont freeze while pushing it in the winter

  • Daniel Gomez

    cant wait for a comparo… ford is gonna eat this for lunch, or motor trend is gonna give Chevy the win cause of the awesome step in the rear bumper…lmao
    speaking of the step in the bumper, 3 more inches & you’ll on top of the bumper so what is the big deal,, how bout put a step on the side of the bed..

  • B. Oblamer

    GM is asleep as the switch. America doesn’t need another 12 mpg truck that features $120. fill ups twice a week. Besides, America doesn’t need another butt ugly GM truck.

  • Guinea47

    Wow… This truck sucks!! GM as usual you missed the mark by leaps and bounds… good job. Take another bail out and sit down!!

  • Jason Gowler

    Hey Curtis, when’s your next scheduled recall?

    Or is GM going to wait 10 years to tell you?