8-Speed ‘Very possible’ Says Top GM Truck Engineer

8-Speed ‘Very possible’ Says Top GM Truck Engineer

Chevrolet has a lot in store for its pickup trucks with plans to add new special edition models and the almost assured use of an eight-speed transmission. 

“A lot is going to be happening in the truck portfolio in the foreseeable future,” GM executive chief engineer of trucks Jeff Luke said to AutoGuide on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week. “A lot of neat models and editions, you’ll see a lot of neat activity going on.”

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With Ford using turbocharging and Ram offering a small diesel powerplant and an eight-speed automatic, Chevrolet needs new ways to fight the fuel economy battle. The adoption of an eight-speed transmission, a unit that Chevy already has in its parts bin, seems to be the next logical step. “You’ll see continued expansion in the technology of our transmissions,” says Luke. When asked specifically about the use of an eight speed unit, Luke answered that it is “very possible.”

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Special edition truck models are also on the docket at Chevrolet, and the brand has already teased us with the Cheyenne sport truck that was unveiled at the 2013 SEMA Show. That truck featured a host of carbon fiber add-ons along with a lowered suspension and got its power from a 6.2-liter V8.

“There is mechanical stuff, enhancements in our electronics and powertrain enhancements coming, we’re working on and scheming models and editions,” Luke finished.

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