Dodge Avenger Finally Dies

Dodge Avenger Finally Dies

Dodge is discontinuing the Avenger, making way for the new Chrysler 200 to be the lone midsize sedan for the Chrysler group. 

According to The Truth About Cars, sales of  the Avenger will finish before the end of the 2014. Chrysler has previously said that it it wants to move away from having sister vehicles at more than one brand to reduce model overlap, and now that the 200 has been refreshed, it’s time for the Avenger to go.

“There is not an Avenger version of the new 200 planned,” confirms Kathy Graham, product PR manager for the Chrysler Group. “The 2014 MY (model year) Dodge Avenger started production in July, 2013 and is scheduled to end in Q1 2014,” she said.

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Getting rid of the Avenger will also clear the way for the Dart, as sales of the compact Dodge have not been all that strong. One of the reasons for this is the great financing deals being given on the Avenger, providing an easy upsell for dealers as customers get more car for the same, or less money.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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  • Zain

    Good riddance, one of the worst cars on the road.

  • niglit

    fu zain fu

  • Pete

    It was just a matter of time before it was killed off. Chrysler needs to work on their lineup and add some new models. 200, 300 and Town and Country are not enough, they need a small luxury car like the Buick Verano and an SUV like the Enclave. This should give them a well rounded lineup and give customers more of a choice when looking for a luxury American vehicle.

  • Zain

    Why? It had an underpowered, almost useless engine, it was oversized and lumbering, TRIED to look like a charger, and had the worst fit and finish of almost any car on the road (except possibly the dodge caliber).

  • Stus Oldrecordmachinez

    So why would you say one of the WORST cars on the Road??? what ARE you comparing it too–It can,t be any worse than a 1984 Plymouth Reliant K 2.2 Carbureted Clunker .

  • Rick Laboe

    Hey Ordercord………..I just repainted a K station wagon of about that year, a great car, guy had been gardening with it ever since it was new. Had to have new seats and headliner from hoe tears, etc. Really good car and 30 MPG besides. A/C still works fine.

  • ronald langevin

    The R/T version looks great, and a hell of a lot better than the 200 all around, I think they scrapped the wrong one. (Chrysler fan since 1936)

  • Jim Ray

    Agreed! Once again Chrysler/Fiat has their head up their
    @zz. The Avenger is outselling the Dart
    so they are going to DROP the Avenger????

    The Avenger R/T offers the most bang for the buck of any
    car. It is fun to drive, gets decent fuel mileage, and is relatively
    comfortable to drive. Its styling is a love/hate, but that’s always been Dodge’s

    I guess Fiat will do to Dodge what GM did to SAAB.

  • Jim Ray

    Hey Stus, I had a K-car based Dodge Shadow. Great reliable
    transportation. Nothing to look at, but NOTHING in the 1980’s looked good. That car ran 190,000 miles before blowing a head gasket. I replace the gasket myself for $30.00, sold the car, and the 2nd owner made it
    to 250,000 before the water pump went out and he burnt the engine up. This car was turbo charged and still had the original turbo and used no oil.

    With that said, I went to Canada for 6 months to do a contract job in 1996. The only cars up there older than 6 years old that had NO rust on them were K-cars. It was common to find 10 year old K-cars and New Yorkers with no rust. Every 6+ year old GM had the fender flares rusted
    through. If you saw a 10 year old GM or Ford they had holes (not rust) where the body panels had completely disintegrated from all of the rust. Many of the GM’s like the Monte-Carlo didn’t even have rear bumpers because all of the
    structure that holds the bumper in place was completely rusted away.

  • TAC

    I just purchased a ’14 Avenger R/T, traded a ’10 on it…LOVE the car and LOVE the looks!!! I want somebody to show me another competitive car with 283 hp, 6 speed auto, dual exhaust, 29mpg highway, moonroof, heated leather, navigation/bluetooth/voice, 18in wheels, pwr everything, boston acoustics, 7yr/100mi powertrain and all for under $27k??? Please let me know…The DART, it was a joke 30 yrs ago and it still is.

  • Nikki Midnite

    Agreed – I love my Avenger, the Charger is too expensive, and the Chrysler 200 is a wanna-be contender. The Dart? Please – if I wanted to drive a tiny little fun-car, I’d buy a Nissan. 🙁

  • Terry P

    Yeah, those 283 HP are truly useless and under powered.

  • Terry P

    A couple months ago my ’09 Charger bit the dust. With nearly 200k on the odometer, I didn’t feel cheated. But with my daughter getting married in a couple of months, and some heavy duty medical bills from recent surgery, I really couldn’t fit a new Charger into the budget. So I settled for a ’13 Avenger with 9,000 miles. Got a great deal and figured I would drive it just until I get some breathing room in the budget. Now, after two months of driving this little demon, I intend to keep it forever. I’ve got the 3.6 4-speed automatic with 283 HP. Man, that baby has some zip! It’s fun to drive and responsive as all get-out. No, there are not a lot of whistles and bells, but just the ones I like the most, i.e., a great bluetooth system, satellite radio, and the other options that have become pretty much standard these days. I am truly surprised and bummed that the geniuses at Dodge, er Fiat, believe that piece of crud 200, and even worse, the stupid Dart, are the ones worth keeping.

    Where is Lee Iacocca when we need him?

  • who care’s i love my car….. and the 200 will be next thats for sure..