F-150 Tremor Axed for 2015, Raptor Might be Too

F-150 Tremor Axed for 2015, Raptor Might be Too

Ford’s F-150 Tremor performance truck will be discontinued after a short life with the introduction of the next-generation truck.

The company announced its new half-ton during the Detroit Auto Show this week with a long list of changes including extensive use of aluminum in the body to save 700 lbs over the old model. But when that truck arrives in Ford stores, it will do so without a Tremor performance variant, which is the only way to package a 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 with a short wheelbase regular cab.

Introduced in the fourth quarter of last year, Ford’s hotrod pickup truck has barely had time to sell. But it might not be the only niche pickup to get the axe according to a report by Automotive News. 

The trade journal reports that Ford’s well-loved Raptor hardcore off-roader might also be on the killing floor, citing an unnamed source that says it isn’t part of the 2015 production schedule. Ford truck marketing manager Doug Scott said the Tremor would disappear for the 2015 model year but wouldn’t comment on the Raptor’s future.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Sarah F

    Awesome review! Great to see a piece that points out just how amazing minivans are!

  • Frankie

    It’s still ugly.

  • Not mom

    There is an Acura Odyssey, the MDX, and also it should have it’s new 3.5L V6 with 290hp.

  • ColumWood

    Without sliding side doors… it’s no minivan. And you can hold WAY more in an Odyssey than an MDX.

  • Shiratori1

    Trolls will keep on trolling……

  • Shiratori1

    As someone who’s parents had the previous two generations of the Odyssey, I can say from personal experience that, bar none, that it is the best minivan on the market. I expect that the next generation will have more power.

  • ColumWood

    I just hope it’s a little better looking. The Honda has won me over in many ways, but styling isn’t one of them.

  • Shiratori1

    Eh, I don’t really have an issue with the styling. While I could do without the lightning bolt line, I prefer this over the excessively over-styled, scoopy-loopy look that hyundai and Mazda are doing.

  • the Hyundai Minivan is not available years ago, only the Mazda5. But are you refering to the Grand Starex?

  • Shiratori1

    I was referring to the styling that those companies have been doing in general. It’s ridiculous and is something that will age very quickly.

  • msaq

    I find it interesting that this article makes no mention it all of the cabin noise. that has been my single biggest complaint of the Odyssey of which I’ve owned two. it seems the cabin noise has virtually gone unchanged and unaddressed. the old Ford Windstar I drove was as quiet as a mouse. by the way, that was the only area it was superior in. I do love my Odyssey and its reliability and longevity.

  • Tim

    ” In fact, they open or close with the push of one of numerous buttons: on the handle, the dash, the keyfob or on the A-pillar –easily within reach for older children.” The A-pillar? That doesn’t seem handy.

  • sansun

    Beautiful design imho. I still own my 2002 model and it still looks good. I would like to have an AWD model since we have so much snow and sleet last winter season.

  • Justin

    I have both a 2008 Honda Odyssey and a 2012 Infiniti QX56. I can fit twice as much cargo and more people in the Honda, which is about half the size (and half the price) of the QX. This mini-van is the most optimized vehicle ever produced IMO.
    If I could introduce a few changes; it would be a heavier duty front suspension (feels overloaded when braking while cornering), add a drink cooler (perhaps the new models have this) and I’d swap the vac for some type of urinal!

  • pbug56

    I used to be a real Ody fan until my 2002 EXL Navi’s tranny died, and I discovered that Honda knew about the defects and refused to fix them even in the expensive rebuilds they sell that die sooner then a set of tires. I’ve even heard of brand new Ody’s pulling off the lot and their tranny’s already having problems. DO NOT buy any year Ody, new are used!

  • Stan

    I am holding out for a plug in hybrid Odyssey.

  • ColumWood

    Good point Tim. That should be the B-pillar. We’ll fix it asap.

  • Shrugged

    While the vacuum will certainly have its useful moments, I find the value attributed to it curious. To me, its like buying a 5000 square foot home and highlighting the toe moulding. For all the reviews focusing on family time and trips, wouldn’t a coffee maker have been a much more practical household appliance to add?

    We have owned two odys and have enjoyed both, but still see it simply as a people mover.

  • qitcryn

    had a 2005 Ody.. love it until power steering recall 2011-2012.. and when they refused to accept mine becuase it was over 75K mi.. on the recall. well if the average 2005 owner had the car 5 yeas @ 20K mi/yr…then majority of the owners couldn’t get the recall .. at that point Honda knew this. and therefore i refuse another Honda product.

  • Practical Mom

    I have a 2009 LX – my family likes it simple: cloth seats (more comfortable than leather in all seasons), as few electrically operated items as possible (less expensive repairs). I looked at a 2013 Odyssey and was disappointed. The in-the-floor storage area is now taken up by the spare tire. I put a lot of stuff in there, including my pocketbook if I don’t want to carry it to wherever I’m going. The spare was perfectly fine where it was in the rear cargo area. The console between the two front seats was at floor level! Again, it was fine the way it was in the 2009 model (flip-down with storage room underneath). Also, the 3rd row headrests are huge, and when stowed (so you can see out the rear window), they would dig into your back. Of course, they should be raised for head protection if you are riding in those seats. But one more time, the 2009 style (smaller vertical profiles that sit on top of the seat rather than overlapping the front of the seat) was better in my opinion. I carpool up to 5 kids to school before heading directly to work. The 3rd row riders would NEVER stow the headrests before getting out of the van, which would mean I would have to pull over after dropping them off to stow the headrests so I could see out the rear window on my way to work. Finally, luxury is fine, but practicality is more important to me. I want a safe and reliable vehicle that doesn’t cost $44,000. Who can justify spending that on a CAR??

  • Practical Mom

    One more thing about the 2014 model. The vacuum is completely unnecessary and expensive.

  • Happy Dad

    Great article-I like the “sellessness” idea. Imagine that-a Transportation vehicle that doesn’t make a lifestyle statement about the owner-just meets their needs in the most efficient way possible. The Mini van is one of America’s better transportation ideas. It took Honda to perfect it and The Odyssey is an amazing vehicle if you need to transport 4 or more people and their “stuff”. SUV’s are too heavy and give away too much room , handling and efficiency to appear “Rugged” and make some statement about the lifestyle of the driver and family-as if 80% of them are not being called upon to try and do what the average mini van does easily everyday. We are not all climbing Kilamanjaro on the weekends folks!
    The styling of the current Odyssey was an attempt to be stylize the box and missed badly-Honda does many things well but needs to hire away some stylists from Kia who stole them from Audi. The new Accord is their best effort since the last Acura TL( before the can opener beak) so there is hope here
    Plug in Hybrid??? The vehicle already weighs 4800 lbs-why add another 1200 lbs?
    Thank you Honda for giving us what we need instead of what we think we want. Listen to your buyers who point out the important changes needed-quiet being one of them. We don’t need a built in vacuume-we need better engineering and more speeds in the transmission..We need what you have shown time and time again-unique engineering and performance with economy and solid value. Keep up the good work.

  • willy

    I bought my 2004 EXL-Res based on all of the wonderful reviews. It turned out to be the biggest pile of dog poo poo I have ever owned. Honda will never get my $ again. Honda service and corporate assist is awful. They think their poo don’t stink. We traded it in on a new quest about a yr and a half ago…..What a difference. Go drive a quest before you buy a Honda.

  • Yeahright

    Had problems with my 2002 EX transmission as well. Luckily I was able to sell the vehicle when the symptoms were not so obvious to the casual buyer. Agree on the bad experience with Honda who didn’t want to do much when approached about the problem.

  • Richard

    I agree with the tranny issues. Just bought a 05 Touring and thought it was great until my 1000 warranty was up and started with the tranny issues and the PAX tires. With only 105K Honda still refuses to admit the issue and will not help with it and says its just minor. Well I say if they recalled all the Canadian models than why not the American models too. Just today the shake was so bad in the rain it almost made me wreck so I will soon be getting rid of it I hope back to HONDA. I thought I had an awesome vehicle since it was a HONDA but if they tell me this stuff on this what would they tell you on a new one.

  • ncmathsadist

    Respect the van! My ’00 has 251,000 miles on it and going strong. It’s been to 45 states and several provinces in Canada. Its cavernous cargo bay makes it double as a pickup truck when needed.

  • minivandad

    I have a 2006 Touring edition with over 176K miles and I love it! I’m on my 4th set of PAX tires and never had tranny issues. Just issues with the power sliding door rollers. The van is always dealer serviced. I’m planning on buying another and keep the 2006 for my utility vehicle. Very dependable!

  • swells679

    I would love to have a stereo ‘Mute’ button added to Steering Wheel radio controls. That would be THE one feature I would add.

  • chavitz

    I think it would be very useful if you take a long or several days long trip, because, in the middle of the trip, the interior and seats may need to be cleaned up

  • roadtrippin’

    There not much ‘mini’ about the new vans when you consider the original 1984 version that started the segment. Parked beside one of todays vans the new models look down right FULL size. Saw Magic Wagon at a car show last year and couldn’t believe how ‘mini’ it was(and so incredibly plain). Give me a ’14 model any day, a FULL size Honda please.

  • fiftianten

    Needs AWD for those of us who get real winter in places like northern Canada.

  • Power

    That 3.5L V6 could be the 290hp on the Acura MDX…

  • Jacob

    I’ll take the 2015 Toyota Sienna anytime!!!So much better to drive and easier to use. AWD is available! Styling is a lot nicer. Odyssey looks like it tried to copy Lincoln MKT on the rear passenger window, down instead of up
    In the Odyssey I found the double screens confusing and very distracting!