Ford Sees Big Future in Affordable Small Cars

Ford Sees Big Future in Affordable Small Cars

Ford believes that the future of the global automotive marketplace will include smaller and less expensive vehicles.

Speaking at a roundtable interview during the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Ford CEO Alan Mulally said he believes compact cars like the Fiesta will make up a larger share of the global auto industry, including the U.S. As vehicles  become more expensive , the automaker expects to see a shift toward smaller vehicles in the U.S. that are also cheaper.

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Ford cited data that by 2025, the number of urban cities with more than 10-million people, will increase from 23 to 27. Mulally stressed in the interview that the industry as a whole needs to find ways to lower price points in order to make vehicles more affordable.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Red Ride

    Seems like an about face as just a few years back they said there was no future in small cars and large SUV’s were it.

  • Alfie

    That’s just because there was money to be made in big trucks. Now… not so much.

  • The Terminator

    Ford should concentrate on putting some Quality / Reliability back into their vehicles Small or Big as just about every one of their cars is at the bottom in the category ! While many people who test drive a Ford like the drivability / interior / exterior the Quality issues might not show until months later.

  • Somnambulator

    It’s hard to make vehicles more affordable when the autoworkers’ union forces you to pay uncompetitive wages, bennies, and pension, and when state and federal governments keep increasing rudimentary fuel, safety, and other regulations.

  • willy

    Test drove this car when it had more power minus the AWD and was not impressed. Underpowered buzzy little motor…I did not like it at all. Car is very small, not good for family of 4 for sure. At 40K plus for a Tiny Buick with a tiny motor I’ll pass all day long. Too many good options at that price point that won’t shut off on you while you are driving down the road.

  • narg

    I call shenanigans on your post. I seriously doubt you’ve ever drive any Buick.

  • willy

    No Shenanigans…..I dove it back to back with the Nissan Altima SR V6 and while the interior was indeed nicer and the looks, IMO, were better too….. the Altima VQ won me over Again. However, I have grown to hate the CVT and will not own another car for myself with one. My wife did not like the Buick either. Also, the Buick, equally equipped, would have cost me about 5 k more. Absolutely hated the Motor….I love down low TQ…..The tiny turbo did not have it

  • RegalDesire

    I actually drive a GS…got the Experience Buick two year lease! I simply CANNOT SAY ENOUGH TIMES how much I LOVE this CAR! It is, quite simply, THE BEST car I’ve ever had! I have had brand new Hondas and a Mazda 6s that ALL came with problems and recalls and issues, etc., etc., etc.! In nearly A YEAR of driving, I have had NO major complications or complaints! The car is QUICK, QUIET, and SUPREMELY COMFORTABLE! The only thing I can say negatively is that Buick needs to reinforce the floor under the driver’s feet or use better carpeting! Mine is torn right where I place my right foot! It also needs a better dead-pedal! Otherwise, GM and Buick hit a GRAND SLAM HOMERUN with this car!
    I do like the exterior of the 2014 as well, but I do wish they had adapted he new Multi-Function Controller (iControl) from the similarly updated Opel Insignia! Maybe for 2015???? Buick…are you LISTENING???? My LEASE is UP in April 2015!!!!
    2013 Buick Regal GS…Quicksilver Metallic/19s/Nav/Roof…BEHOLD The Silver Bullet!

  • JW

    Took you serious until you added the “shut off on you while you are driving” comment. All you have proven are the shenanigans.

  • willy

    A well deserved shot at GM for a deadly cover up.

  • narg

    Again with the B.S. Comparing a Buick against a Nissan? You’ve really don’t understand cars do you? The Buick is twice the car any Nissan can build, of course it was 5K more. That 5K is well spent on a much better vehicle in quality and workmanship.

  • narg

    EVERY car will have ignition problems if you hang a 5 lbs keychain off the ignition. There was no cover up here. None. GM never said they didn’t want to fix problems. They even issued the recall before it was news. Unlike Nissan and Toyota both have done in the past.

  • lostjuan

    No, not every car will have ignition problems with excessive stress on the keyway. I’ve owned 4 astros on the road 24/7 with up to 5 different drivers and never had a problem. Addressing the current recall most of these issues are from cost cutting. Ignition switches are not some bleeding edge piece of tech. that is in it’s infancy. They have been making them for over 50 years. They know how to make reliable switches they decide just replace or change design to save money. And that creates the problem.
    Very few car companies are not guilty of this.
    Talking about coverups $1.2 billion dollars is a lot of money

  • chavitz

    Looks vulgar, bland, ugly . Another crappy Ford

  • ReyG

    I disagree. Regal is as good as any luxury sports car. I love my 2012 black Regal GS. It’s sporty with style. Definitely not a car for flashy people that have to own a European car!