Ford to Offer F-150 Body Panel Repair Subsidy to Dealers

Ford to Offer F-150 Body Panel Repair Subsidy to Dealers

Ford is launching a collision repair program that will subsidize body repairs on the new 2015 F-150. 

Ford’s 2015 half ton uses aluminium body panels which can be costly to repair when dented, which is why Ford is introducing the new program. It will also help to address concerns over the truck being costly to insure because of the high price of repairs.

The brand plans on offering 20 percent or up to $10,000 for training and specialty equipment for participating U.S. dealerships, and each dealership will have one technician go through technical training classes.

Customers and insurance companies alike have expressed concerns over the new lightweight material on the F-150, though it did help the truck shed 700 lbs. “The insurance costs and repair costs to consumers will be competitive with the current trucks,” assures Mike Levine, Ford’s US trucks communications manager.

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[Source: Edmunds]

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