Ford Launching New SYNC AppLink in 2015 Mustang

Ford Launching New SYNC AppLink in 2015 Mustang

Ford is updating their SYNC AppLink voice recognition system once again, allowing customers to control a variety of smartphone-powered apps directly from their car. 

The system will debut on the 2015 Mustang and will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the Ford lineup. The company claims that the entire setup has been made easier to use both through simpler on-screen menus and less convoluted voice commands. For instance, voice commands that are recognized by your phone when it is not hooked up to the car will now be accessible when it is hooked up, making the experience more fluid for the user.

Apps will now also be able to access in-car information such as speed, acceleration and GPS coordinates which will allow them to customize some of their functions.

So what kind of apps are out there for AppLink? Well, how about one that will order you a pizza. Domino’s Pizza has teamed up with Ford to create an app that allows preregistered users to order a pizza using just a few voice commands from inside their own car.

Having a hard time finding the right song to listen to? The HABU Music smartphone app put together by Gracenote can put together a playlist based on your mood, and it is also voice controlled through Ford’ AppLink system.

There is also a pair of parking apps that will not only help you find a parking spot, but help you pay for parking without having to speak to an attendant.

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