Gazoo Racing GT86 Concept Teased Ahead of Tokyo Auto Salon

Gazoo Racing GT86 Concept Teased Ahead of Tokyo Auto Salon

Gazoo Racing has posted a teaser image on its Facebook page of what it’ll be showing off at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

Last year, the Toyota motorsports affiliate stole the show with its twincharged GRMN Sports FR Platinum concept, which was based on the Toyota GT86. By the looks of things, Gazoo Racing will either show off a new GT86-based concept, or bring an updated version of last year’s concept to the show.

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Speaking of last year’s concept, Gazoo Racing has also shared a new video of it in action on the track getting sideways. Enjoy!

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GALLERY: Toyota GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum


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  • Iainb

    Can’t  comment on the USA ‘Esseesse Koni’ standard version, as this is an upgrade only option in the UK/Europe. I can tell you that the basic UK/Euro Abarth 500 is an absolute delight to fling around the roads. I’m still at the new-toy stage with mine, but I’m getting 35mpg in sports. The interior is a great place to be, and if you spec it right (make sure your iPhone will be catered for via the options), it’s a full-on, high tech luxury experience too.

    One last thing: We used the little Abarth to take 5 large bags of loft insulation to the local tip the other day. It would have been a struggle in our Saab 9.3 with its saloon trunk, so the A500 turns out to be a useful car too.

  • Jsalley

    I own a new Abarth, and the car is simply AMAZING!  Especially with the addition of a Magneti marelli “tuning box”, which pumps the engine to over 200 hp!!!
    Very comfortable; BEAUTIFULLY built; very advanced technology; great handling; sounds INCREDIBLE!!

    My other car is a Ferrari.  This Abarth just further proves the point that only the Italians have a gift for building cars with this kind of passion.

    And now, they also build them with great quality….

  • repealobamacare

    The “manual transmission only” is not a disadvantage. I can’t stand anything more than a slushbox in what is supposed to be a “drivers car”.

    What should be in the “leave it” column is the fact that it is a Fiat. There’s a reason why they haven’t sold anything here for over 25 years. I hope they’ve improved reliability, rust proofing, build quality, ride qua……. well – EVERYTHING!

  • While there be a niche market as an urban commuter, lets face the facts on this Over-priced box.  They do not want me as a customer since the base price is $5,000 more than the Kia Forte’ EX that I own and like alot.

  • Iainb

    You lucky thing! That sounds amazing!

  • Iainb

    Check the UK press for reliability reports. Over here, Fiat is receiving praise for the 500 and Abarth for build quality and reliability. Since 2008, no endemic fault has arrisen.

  • Runouteast

    No car is for everyone. Glad you enjoy your Kia. I will enjoy my Abarth,

  • repealobamacare

    Is this the same “multi-air’ engine as sold here in the USA?

    Only time will tell if their complicated variable valve lift system will be reliable after several years and over a hundred thousand miles.

    People are kind of used to engines lasting 150K+ with minimal effort.

    I’ll wait and buy an Abarth when it is 10 years old and only costs a few thousand bucks. I just bought a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T quattro 5MT. All of the 1.8T’s “quirks” are well documented, so I knew to look for engine sludge and updated coil packs. Very nice used car with 110K miles for 3500 bucks!

  • Kosmo

    This guy is nuts. Five speed manual only is NOT a leave it (unless you’re getting mad over there not being a six speed) 😉 

    People who can’t drive stick shouldn’t drive period.

  • Jsalley82

    uh, you really need to drive this car.  Italian cars are just DIFFERENT – MORE passionate, MORE fun to drive, just MORE.  I’ve owned some good Jap cars, but Italian cars are just better drivers’ cars in every waythat matters.
    In the case of the Abarth, the Ferrari connection is seen and FELT everywhere!
    Try it!

  • 368

     Agreed.  What’s the point of a car like this if you don’t actually drive the thing?

  • Rcksr454

    I bought one and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, love it. Thanks Karl Abarth

  • Jack Corner

    AMEN brothers. You preach that gospel… I only have one question: how do you pronounce the name. is it Ah-barth Ay-barth uhbarth or what? I don’t get it…

  • Antonio Silva

    LOL. The author was implying also that it should have a 6 (or 7) speed manual gearbox… 5 speed manuals are so 90’s…

  • Britishbikes

    I don’t think the person who wrote this actually drove the car on a twisty road. I love the car but the handling is not all it is cracked up to be. When you hit the brakes from 100mph, the back end goes into a weave, even before the traciton limit is reached. The steering is numb, the front walks on the the tire tread, the chassis gets wonky at high speed. Like all FWD cas the nose is heavy, it pushes at the limits. FWD is never balanced, it is a compromise. Anyone who says a FWD car is balanced does not undserstand what “balanced” means when relating to the steering of a car. There is turbo lag that would upset that would upset corner exits if it was more powerful.

    These limitiations are not a good reason to not buy the car. It is still very fun to drive, it tops out a 130 on gps just like they said. The front seats are comfortable, but have poor bolstering for cornering. The rear seats are useable even for men over 6 feet tall, much better than the size of the car would suggest, but are not all day seats. Suspension if not stiff by sportscar standards, very well controlled, with good bump compliance. It rides nice around town but not ideal for cornering.  It is not a hardcore sportscar, not even close, but much sharper than most grocery getters.  

  • jxy

    how fast do u track it

  • Milan Kothari

    The toyota gt 86 is very aggressive and it takes on its rivals the gt 86 has got 5.5 litre 990bhp 290mph