Government of Hamburg in Germany to Ban Cars in 2034

Government of Hamburg in Germany to Ban Cars in 2034

Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, wants to ban all cars from driving in the city center by 2034.

The move is meant to help reduce greenhouse emissions and is part of a larger development plan called Green Network. The project hopes to replace major roads with green spaces in order to give the city’s residents an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. Those green spaces aim to cover roughly 17,000 acres and up to 40 percent of Hamburg’s total area.

To help make the plan a reality, 30 workers are working around the clock. If the ban is put in place, residents will need to move around the city center with eco-friendly public transportation, bicycles or by walking. Though the plan is controversial, the leader of the city’s Green Party, Jens Kerstan, remains optimistic. “Our residents are quite progressive,” said Kerstan. “Many Hamburgers are willing to give up their cars, which is very unusual in Germany.”

[Source: Leftlane News]

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