Honda, GM Collaborating on Fuel-Cell Batteries

Honda, GM Collaborating on Fuel-Cell Batteries

Honda and General Motors will reportedly collaborate to jointly develop batteries for future fuel-cell vehicles.

With hopes of lowering cost through improving volume efficiency, the automakers hope to take the initiative in helping make fuel-cell vehicles an affordable alternative to gasoline vehicles. Honda and GM will be working together to produce a core part of the fuel-cell system that creates electricity through hydrogen in the fuel cell and oxygen in the air.

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The two companies originally entered into a business alliance in July 2013 to develop parts for fuel-cell vehicles. Engineers at both firms have strengthened their cooperation to not only expedite the development of fuel-cell vehicles, but in hopes of bringing a mass-market vehicle by 2020.

By then Toyota expects to have had its upcoming fuel cell model on sale for five years.

As for Honda, the Japanese automaker recently unveiled its new FCEV concept at the LA Auto Show, previewing what it has in store in terms of fuel-cell vehicles.

GALLERY: Honda FCEV Concept


[Source: Daily Herald]

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