Make Your Own Acura NSX With a 3D Printer

Make Your Own Acura NSX With a 3D Printer

People with 3D printers are now able to make their own versions of past Honda concept cars from home.

Affordable 3D printers are allowing people to mix art and manufacturing at home and Honda is jumping on board. The company is offering 3D printing data for five of its concept cars for free. The options include the recent NSX concept to the FSR Concept that dates back to 1994. The FSR Concept was supposed to illustrate the company’s vision for safer cars and included a navigation system with real-time updates.

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This is the second part of a new “global branding project” that Honda started at the Tokyo Motor Show when it released the “Super Ultra Daydreams” video clip shown below.

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For the printing files, visit

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GALLERY: Acura NSX Concept II


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  • Jason Pratts


  • Rallias

    You wouldn’t download a… oh… well… can’t say car anymore… does bear work?

  • Cali M

    I’d download a bear.

  • Dave

    Hell yeah I’d download a bear.

  • Jex

    And a beer!

  • ozzythaman

    just the plastic on top of the car.. i guess..

  • Backlashlaze

    Clearly haven’t played Borderlands then…

  • My H. Tran

    Seems like a great idea and a great one for most toy car collectors. Not only that but you’ll have actual physical copies of the concept cars that looks pretty cool. Heck, if you’re able to, piece together the ABS plastic shell of the concept and turn it into a RC race car.

  • MrLeeNOR

    Reverse engineer files, scale up by X. Use a carbon fiber printer and poof (+probably a lot of work), new custom body shell for kit cars based on concept cars by Honda.