Hyundai Inks Deal with Verzion for In-Car Wireless

Hyundai Inks Deal with Verzion for In-Car Wireless

Hyundai has signed a deal with Verizon Communications to provide 3G wireless service for the brand’s vehicles. 

Verizon connectivity will begin to be implemented on 2015 vehicles, starting with the Genesis which will arrive in showrooms in May of 2014. Initially, the cars will offer 3G wireless service, though 4G will eventually be available.

“We chose Verizon because of their coverage and quality, while other outlets have issues with dropped calls,” Miles Johnson, a Hyundai spokesman told Automotive News. “Verizon’s coverage is more robust.”

Connected cars are becoming commonplace, and industry research firm IHS Automotive predicts that 152 million vehicles will be connected to the web by 2020, up from from 23 million now. GM, Audi and Tesla have all begun the process of implementing wireless connectivity in their vehicles.

Connected cars enhance safety, security, vehicle diagnostics and infotainment through a variety of different functions. Many of these cars also act as wireless hotspots for personal devices.

Hyundai’s corporate partner, Kia, will also use the Verizon service for its vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News]

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