Jaguar F-Type to Get Four-Cylinder Engine

Jaguar F-Type to Get Four-Cylinder Engine

Jaguar is developing a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and is currently using the F-Type as a prototype for the new powerplant.

Spied testing, the Jaguar F-Type was seen with a slightly different hood and a prototype exhaust system that exited from one side of the vehicle. While it’s not a dead give away, it’s a safe assumption that the F-Type is testing a four-cylinder engine, since those powerplants feature a single exhaust manifold and a new exhaust system would have to be developed to optimize back pressure and maximize performance.

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It’s also no secret that the British automaker is developing a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which could also be used in numerous platforms across the Jaguar Land Rover portfolio. Benefits of a four-cylinder F-Type include a lighter engine which would make the sports car more agile while fuel efficiency would definitely see an improvement.

It is unlikely that the four-cylinder engine will arrive before 2015 and the first pre-production versions will be diesel. Expect an entry-level F-Type with a four-cylinder lurking under the hood to make a debut sometime in 2015, possibly at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jag has already confirmed its new sports sedan will arrive in 2015 with a 4-cylinder engine.

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