Juan Pablo Montoya Returns to IndyCar

Juan Pablo Montoya Returns to IndyCar

After competing in NASCAR the last few years, Juan Pablo Montoya will be returning to IndyCar this season.

The former Indianapolis 500 champion has also competed in Formula One, and now the 38-year-old is ready to prove that he can once again win at IndyCar. In 2006, Montoya left Formula One to join Chip Ganassi’s NASCAR team. During his NASCAR career, Montoya won two races and in 2009 he qualified for the season-ending Chase.

Montoya is expected to start in the Indianapolis Grand Prix on May 10 and hopes to be one of 33 cars in the May 25th Indianapolis 500.

“I do feel like a rookie. It’s funny, people don’t realize that,” Montoya said this week after IndyCar drivers were given their annual physicals in Indianapolis. “I know a lot of the drivers were complaining about how much testing I got from IndyCar, but it’s so different. It’s hard to know how well up to speed I am, because I’ve been running by myself.”

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