Kia K900 May be First of Many Alphanumeric Nameplates

Kia K900 May be First of Many Alphanumeric Nameplates

The Kia K900 is the Korean automaker’s first model sporting an alphanumeric nameplate, but it might not be its last.

Known as the K9 in South Korea, the automaker’s sedan is named the Quoris in other markets. Originally it was believed that the K900 would also be called the Quoris in North America, but the idea of an alphanumeric name gave it more of a luxury appeal than just Quoris. The result was the K900 nameplate, which Kia admits might not be the last of the alphanumeric models.

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According to Scott McKee, Kia Motors USA public relations director, the K900 “could result in other models with alphanumeric designations down the road.” Though Kia wouldn’t confirm anything as definite, McKee did state that “it would certainly make sense.”

It’s likely that Kia will turn to alphanumeric names for its more luxurious, high-end models. Not only would those nameplates separate it from the rest of its model lineup, it gives it the sort of prestige that mimics what the German automakers do with their nomenclature.



[Source: Autoblog]

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