Mercedes Shows Off Next-Gen Connectivity at CES

Mercedes Shows Off Next-Gen Connectivity at CES

Mercedes-Benz is showing off a plethora of next-generation in-car connectivity technologies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The German automaker announced partnerships with two companies – Pebble Technology and Nest Labs – aimed at making its vehicles more appealing to the tech crowd. With Pebble Technology, Mercedes-Benz has created a smart watch app that allows users to glance at their Pebble smart watch to review vehicle information.

mercedes-benz-smart-watch-1.jpgThe watch will also vibrate when the user is inside the vehicle, prompting its need to communicate certain alerts. The Pebble smart watch app and its features will be released this spring as part of the Digital DriveStyle app.

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With Nest Labs, Mercedes is demonstrating a concept of connecting its vehicles to the Nest Learning Thermostat so that your home can be at a comfortable temperature when you arrive.

Finally, the German automaker is also showcasing its partnership with Google through its “Digital DriveStyle” app that supports Google Plus. All Mercedes vehicles fitted with the Drive Kit Plus hardware module will allow drivers to share updates to Google Plus and review their Google Plus streams both on screen and via text-to-speech.

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