Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 Car Nets $1.7M at Barrett-Jackson

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 Car Nets $1.7M at Barrett-Jackson

A rare race car driven by Michael Schumacher crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction block today, earning $1.7 million and a round of applause as it revved up to 18,000 rpms.

The 1998 Ferrari F300 was piloted by Schumacher 38 times and is widely considered “one of the most important of the principle test cars during early proving sessions,” according to Barrett-Jackson. Schumacher, who is currently in a medically-induced coma after a skiing accident, also received a round of applause.

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The particular race car being auctioned was chassis number three of nine total that were built for the 1998 season. It is powered by a 3.0-liter V10 engine with 805 hp.

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  • Billy Cypher

    Never thought I’d say this, but this is actually a pretty cool Cadillac.

  • Felix James

    Nice workon the new grille Cadillac. I love it.

  • Emo Elmo

    I’d be curious to compare this against the new Lexus RC. I’m sick of the same old overpriced German stuff. Cadillac and Lexus are really doing some great stuff now.

  • narg

    Cadillac is. Lexus? Not so much. They only accel in advertising these days.

  • JR

    You can get a 300+ HP Mustang with for half that that has a great standard equipment. Cadillac needs to stick with what they do best…Big luxury cars that ride well. Bring back the DTS

  • roundthings

    That new logo looks ridiculous. At least make it smaller and have it fit between the 2 horizontal bars

  • Nostromo

    Demand will be there. The ATS’ assembly plant will be seeing some overtime.

  • scottrobb

    Mustang (Camaro & Challenger) have rinkydink, cheapo interiors. This is a different class of automobile. It is a luxury sports coupe. You are comparing apples to oranges…

  • alex

    luxury sports sedans and coupes will never sell, just look at the 3 series.

  • Jv Withheld

    It looks like a Chevy Vega collided with the older model CTS coupe. No wonder Caddy sales are in the toilet.

  • qitcryn

    oh!! they sell.. if not, they would’nt make them.