Modified Magazine Axed Amid Source Interlink Layoffs

Modified Magazine Axed Amid Source Interlink Layoffs

Modified Magazine, a staple of the import tuning scene, has been axed.

Diminished to a shoestring budget and with constantly shrinking page numbers, Modified Mag‘s shuttering brings with it the termination of Editor-in-Chief Peter Tarach. Super Street Editor Jonathan Wong was also laid off recently, though it’s not clear if the matter is directly related to the current company actions.

Part of a larger restructuring effort by Source Interlink Media as many as 30 people have been cut (reports Jalopnik) including European Car editor Alex Bernstein as well as staff at Import Tuner. Layoffs at the publishing company’s California headquarters are ongoing.

Speaking on a condition on anonymity, our source said there have been rumors of a sale of the SIM enthusiast titles and that these layoffs suggest that plan fell through. Sustaining the titles has been made possible through big revenue generators like Motor Trend magazine, though our source says recent YouTube budget cuts have hampered Motor Trend‘s ability to do so.

A second source has confirmed that there are no layoffs at Motor Trend or Truck Trend.

Modified Magazine was founded by Verticalscope Inc., and was sold to Source Interlink in 2008. is owned and operated by Verticalscope.

  • Aonymous

    Alex Bernstein was Senior Editor & Photographer at European Car Magazine, not Euro Tuner.

  • youalreadyknow

    Alex is far better off working for himself. He’s beyond talented and if you need the job done, he’ll do it better than expected. Keep an eye out for him!

  • autoguide

    Thanks for the note. The story has been corrected.

  • Auto Motive

    Its getting tougher for print mags to succeed. Our local paper use to run auto adds for the Sunday edition having its own section of 5-8 pages. As the internet became more relevant as a alternative to the high cost of print its down to 2-3 pages and mostly used vehicles. Sorry to hear the bad news at Modified.

  • Danny

    Sorry to hear. Looks like you guys got out just in time.

  • Anon

    Printed mags, even newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. Monetized blogs is the way to go.

  • Ken Johnson

    also online blogger(s) @ Hot Rod Magazine have been laid off / let go, so it goes beyond just print media