Musk’s Anti-Recall Tweet Gets Nod from Ex-NHTSA Boss

Musk’s Anti-Recall Tweet Gets Nod from Ex-NHTSA Boss

It isn’t often that Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk’s pugnacious platitudes are met with any sort of grace.

It’s less common – perhaps unprecedented – for the former leader of an organization on the receiving end of Musk’s critical side to agree, but that’s the case with ex-NHTSA regulator David Strickland. He said Musk had a point in complaining about Tesla’s recent patch being branded a recall.

“As much as Tesla disagrees and Elon disagrees with the characterization of a recall, I would have to say he’s partially right there,” Strickland told Bloomberg. “What people think of in terms of a recall is you get a letter from the manufacturer to bring your car in to the dealership.”

“Tesla is able to change vehicle dynamics and make vehicle changes from the sky,” said Strickland, who said he couldn’t remember a safety repair being made that way before. “You don’t have to impose an inconvenience on the consumer when that remedy comes in.”

The California-based electric car maker sent an over-the-air update to its Model S sedans that was meant to reduce amperage if overheating was detected while charging and mailed replacement adapters to owners after some owners reported fires. NHTSA labelled the move a recall.

Musk wasn’t happy about the announcement and expressed his discontent during the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, taking to Twitter and saying the word recall should be recalled.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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