The New Formula 1 Engines Sound Like Goats – Video

The New Formula 1 Engines Sound Like Goats – Video

Testing has officially begun for the new 1.6T V6 engines being used in the 2014 Formula One race cars and you may be surprised by how they sound.

A video has surfaced on the Internet with the teams testing in Jerez and it was noted that lap times were nine to 10 seconds slower than the best lap times from last year’s testing session. Many of the teams ran into problems getting their cars running according to the video source, and some didn’t make it on the track until the end of the day when it started raining.

At least the cars sound, well… interesting. Give it a listen at 0:30 and 1:30 and tell us you don’t hear the sound of a goat.

[Source: YouTube]

  • thissitesucks

    This is dog shit. Don’t try posting a crappy article like this on reddit again.

  • CA_Refugee


    DEAR FiA-

    Please, for the love of everything holy in F1, DITCH those stupid, small turbo charged engines, and let Formula 1 go back to V8s or even better, V10s!! This crap about fuel economy and electric systems is complete crap. Whoever had that idea should be flogged, for 10 years, everyday, non stop. This is complete and utter lunacy. F1 is about the cutting edge of technology, balls to the wall, full throttle adrenalin rush.

    Congratulations in neutering F1. This sucks. Pull your heads out of each others butts, and get back to REAL F1 racing!!


    An F1 Fan.

  • RedditReadersRCNTS

    This site does not suck! I appreciate true auto journalists who are not afraid to voice their opinion or bought out by GM or Ford…CarThrottle FTW! From a friend in Cincinnati, OH!

  • TonyX

    Adminstrators of F1 are pandering to the car companies, who want to use F1 as a research lab for road cars, rather than to the consumers who now have to watch this neutered show.

  • Christian Fecht

    Sorry, but a goat sounds better…