Revised Backup Camera Rule Under White House Review

Revised Backup Camera Rule Under White House Review

After numerous delays, the Obama administration is now reviewing a revised rule that would require automakers to install backup cameras in more of their vehicles.

The revised rule, which was submitted to the White House on Dec.25, is meant to set new standards on rearward visibility in light-duty vehicles in the United States. These steps have been made to prevent children being run over by vehicles that are backing in or our of a driveway.

Specifics on the new submitted proposal have not been released, but in the past NHTSA has pushed to make backup cameras mandatory in all new light-duty vehicles sold in the US.

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Cost to automakers has been the biggest deterrent to the rule so far, and has played a part in delaying the process a total of four times now. According to NHTSA, mandatory backup cameras would cost between $58 and $203 per vehicle, and would save roughly 95 to 112 lives per year.

The final rule will be released by January, 2015 according to the US Government.