Nissan BladeGlider Inches Closer to Reality

Nissan BladeGlider Inches Closer to Reality

Nissan’s crazy BladeGlider concept is part of the brand’s five-year product plan, the company’s executive vice president and chief planning office Andy Palmer said.

In concept form, the car features in-wheel electric motors to power the rear wheels, which is a first for the brand. It saddles 70 percent of its weight over the back wheels and is said to be easy to drive at the limit.

Palmer told Edmunds that the car is about “reigniting interest in the young.”

The news isn’t absolute confirmation that the car will be built, but comes alongside Palmer telling media outlets during the show that one of the two rear-wheel drive IDx concepts will be built.

In-wheel electric motors seem unrealistic for a production car in the near future, and Nissan hasn’t said anything about the production specifications.

GALLERY: Nissan BladeGlider live photos


[Source: Edmunds]

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