Nissan Planning Nismo Boutiques in US Dealerships

Nissan Planning Nismo Boutiques in US Dealerships

Nissan is planning to make a big push for its Nismo performance brand in the U.S., which will include a boutique in participating dealerships.

As part of the push, the Japanese automaker will hold events around the U.S. to show off Nismo models, along with allowing customers to purchase Nismo aftermarket parts. While Nismo is popular in Japan, it hasn’t quite caught on in the U.S. yet, generating around $3.5 million in revenue in 2012 for the brand.

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Nissan plans to make it easier for U.S. dealerships and retailers to get their hands on Nismo products, which had traditionally been a hard thing to do. The automaker plans on setting up a reliable parts marketing system to increase the availability of parts and to make sure dealers can get their hands on everything that they order.

This program will go beyond just aesthetic parts, as the brand plans on making suspension kits, brakes, exhaust systems, head gaskets and other performance oriented parts available easily to dealers. That will also increase the amount of installation opportunities for dealers.

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