Nissan Leaf Aero Style Hints at Future Design

Nissan Leaf Aero Style Hints at Future Design

The Nissan Leaf has remained relatively unchanged since it debuted, but something called the Leaf “Aero Style” at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon could hint at the electric car’s future design.

The Leaf Aero Style features an exclusively designed front bumper that incorporates LED lights. Whether or not the front bumper is actually more aerodynamic than the current Leaf’s front bumper remains unknown, but the electric vehicle would benefit greatly from improved aerodynamics.

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Major changes aren’t expected from the Nissan Leaf anytime soon, though the Japanese automaker does want to improve its range drastically by 2016. The current Leaf has a range of approximately 75 miles, but the figure varies based on driving conditions. Nissan hopes that by 2016, its Leaf will have a reliable range of 125 miles.

GALLERY: Nissan Leaf Aero Style


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  • NordicDave

    The electric power steering is a delightful surprise how much more “S” class like this platform has become. I have one and it’s a delight to drive.

  • Scott Harrell

    Thanks for the review. The John Candy reference is completely unnecessary and lame but thankfully only a minor distraction. I would rather have heard more info about the seating configurations, or perhaps a pic of the rear of the car with the tailgate down.

  • Leaf Man

    The new 100% charging reporting method that has now been adopted by the EPA now gives the MY14 Leaf a range of 84 miles not the incorrectly reported 75 miles that is shown in this article which appears to still be using the previous, now defunct, method of 80% charge reporting.

  • Whatever

    Probably no one will read this, but I’m researching the car and this is the only – the ONLY! – review I’ve seen on the entirety of the interwebs that shows the rear cargo area with the rear seats folded. Not only that, but you provided several, close-up photos of the cargo area, which were almost pornographic to a wagon-lover like me… Motor Trend, Edmunds, and Car & Driver, are just some of the examples of so-called experts that did not include such a shot. Even MBUsa does not include one. C’mon, it’s a WAGON!
    (And no, my dealer doesn’t have one for me to go look at it. Who wants to go to a dealer, anyway??)