Nissan Leaf Crests 100,000 Global Sales

Nissan Leaf Crests 100,000 Global Sales

Nissan announced today that it has sold its 100,000th Leaf electric vehicle.

The company said the Leaf holds a 45 percent share of the electric car market and has enjoyed consistently increasing sales since its introduction in late 2010. Leaf sales haven’t always been a rosy tale. A year ago, Nissan slashed pricing by $6,400 for the 2013 model year. The announcement, which CEO Carlos Ghosn made during last year’s Detroit Auto Show, turned out to be a game changer for the Leaf.

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Sales leapt practically overnight and other companies with competing electric cars including Chevrolet were forced to fire back. This year, Nissan is increasing the price by $180 to $29,830 including delivery. That price doesn’t include the $7,500 tax credit.

Cars included in the 2014 model year come with a standard rear-view camera that was previously part of the technology package.

Nissan sold about 3,000 Leafs last year in the U.S. and Ghosn said during the Detroit Auto Show that the company’s next volume target is roughly 50,000 units per year in this market. He didn’t provide a timeline for the goal.

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