Corvette’s Data Recorder Could Reach Other Brands: Cosworth

Corvette’s Data Recorder Could Reach Other Brands: Cosworth

The Performance Data Recorder, which is currently exclusive to the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, could make its way to other vehicles according to its developer, Cosworth.

The agreement between Chevrolet and Cosworth allowed the 2015 Corvette to have the technology first, but eventually, Cosworth will be able to sell it to other automakers. In fact, the company is looking into developing an aftermarket data recorder that anyone could use in any vehicle.

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Currently, Cosworth is in discussion with GoPro to integrate their data recorder into one of GoPro’s wireless cameras, giving automotive enthusiasts an all-in-one package – though it’s unknown whether or not the camera and the recorder would be sold separately. The company is also exploring the idea of connecting a data recorder to a vehicle’s OBD II port, though it’s a bit more complex than a standalone unit.

It is unknown how long the Chevrolet Corvette will have exclusivity on the technology.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Performance Data Recorder

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