Smart ForFour Not Heading to the US

Smart ForFour Not Heading to the US

The Smart ForFour will likely not be coming to North American markets, a model that was developed without the U.S. in mind from the get go.

When Smart first began developing the ForFour, the automaker decided not to initially homologate the model for the American market. According to Smart CEO Annette Winkler, “what is needed here costs extra money,” money that might not be justifiable given Smart’s modest sales in North America. Last year, the ForTwo only sold 9,264 units, a seven-percent drop compared to 2012.

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Regardless, it’s still an interesting decision considering that Smart’s competitors are releasing new four-seater models for the North American market. Fiat, for example, recently launched its 500L while MINI has expanded its model lineup with larger offerings such as the Countryman.

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GALLERY: smart fourjoy Concept


[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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  • The Crusher

    Dumb move on Smarts part.

  • ereilad

    The Smart for two is too small for most Americans. The Smart for four is their best chance of gaining sales in the US. Most folks want a car they can use to get groceries or do light shopping in. The back seat would need to be able to fold down for light cargo. Going places folks often need to bring something along. Drove a Ford Festiva for years. The back seats folded down and it had a hatch in the back. It was amazing how much you could hall and the mileage was fantastic.

  • Melinda

    We had to buy another car because we have a grandchild and need to put him in the back. We wanted a Smart forfour but since there were none available, we had to go with a Prius. I love my Smart, having had it for 4 years. I wish I could have gotten a Smart forfour.

  • Linda NC

    I love my Smart car. We got one of the first sold in US in 2008. I am very disappointed that they will not be bringing the Smart forfour to the US. My hope is that they will change their minds and at least try it. I think they need better marketing in the US. I can’t tell you how many people have test drove my car in the grocery parking lot and they were impressed. Or I tell them to sit in it. Once they do they say “wow this really does have lots of room”. I bet ever since I’ve had my Smart fortwo I have literally let hundreds see the inside of my car. If they would pay me I would drive the Smart forfour all over the US to market it. This is really sad news for smart lovers.

  • Glenn Allen Cheek

    No ,the Smart for Two is not too small for America. The problem is most believe the trash we are fed by the media and think it is too small for America.. The car is perfect for people like me. someone who usually travels alone