SRT Viper Goes Green With Envy Before Detroit

SRT Viper Goes Green With Envy Before Detroit

SRT is displaying its halo car with a Grand Touring equipment package as well as new “Stryker” green paint at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Proving to be a slow seller, the high-priced Chrysler sports car is getting what amounts to a value package. By specifying the Grand Touring option, Viper customers will be able to add Nappa leather seats and improved chassis electronics to the base model.

GT-equipped models get five-mode electronic stability control and a two-mode Bilstein “Damptronic Select” suspension previously reserved for the GTS model. However, the new green color will be available on both the base and GTS model.

The big spoiler shown here isn’t part of the Grand Touring package. SRT added a prototype aero package to its car for the Detroit Auto Show as well as the extended front corner splitters.

SRT didn’t say what the Grand Touring package will cost, but specified that it will be available next month.

GALLERY: SRT Viper Stryker Green


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  • ScooniePenn10 .

    I always wondered who bought the Yugo designs and patents, now I know.

  • Honest Abe

    My gawd… it looks terrible. How could anyone drive that?

  • Mark Gold

    The design might be bland, but at least it’s better looking than the company’s MiEV, which looks like an oversized Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. The fact of the matter is that this is cheap transportation with great fuel economy. It wasn’t originally designed for the American market, which explains why it’s low on power and the seats are meh. We should consider ourselves lucky that we can purchase a new sub $14k car these days. That being said, the Nissan Versa is perhaps a better value with a starting price of $12,800 including destination charges. Now, as for the Mirage, although the CVT gets better mileage from a gallon of gas, I’d take mine with the manual transmission, thank you very much.

  • MistyGreen

    Huh. The image on their website of the rear 3/4 shows a really obvious similarity to the Outlander Sport, whose styling has always intrigued me.

    Well, it sounds like there is officially no reason to buy a smart. More seats, better gas mileage, same price.

  • Gaius Gracchus

    It does not look terrible. It is really aerodynamic and, besides, who cares how it looks?
    I don’t get that — buying cars for your ego and for status. It is an amazing feat of engineering that they are getting almost 50 mpg out of a NON HYBRID car. The standard features like automatic climate control are great, along with the safety features it has.

    I repeat — WHO CARES how it looks?

  • Harold Parker

    I actually end up buying the car. I had fun with it. It is true about its fuel economy and i managed to get it up to 46mpg average driving highways and little amount on streets. Although it does lack acceleration, but in city driving it doesnt matter. As for the handling, it does give you a boat like feel on corners and bumps on the road. I am waiting for an aftermarket sway bars or perhaps better shock absorbers to give it more spunk during cornering, and wider wheels and tires. But before anyone comments my plan on suspension upgrades, i suggest you test drive one and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

    I bought the fully loaded Mirage w/ navigation, bluetooth capability, reverse camera and the whole nine yards for less than $17000 list price, it is a bang for my buck.

  • the Mirage was named Philippine Car of the Year, despite the negative reviews

  • K Gi

    $13,790? I can buy a Rio for that, and it’s a MUCH better car.

  • ZoomDriver2013

    They should have overextended the midsection of the front bumper and made it chrome and it would have looked more appealing.

  • Taha

    I had a Rio, was crap.

  • K Gi

    Maybe an older Rio. Newer ones have been rated the best subcompact in the US.

  • engr.T

    My family had a honda accord and a ford mustang i use to drive this cars and based on my own experience after my dad bought me a mirage i can say its a great buy coz of its fuel efficiency and very easy to navigate. Just grduated and started working the mirage helps me save more money in gasing up. BTW i work at TOYOTA.. bwahahaha..

  • MistyGreen

    Except for the fact that, you know, this isn’t for sale yet.

  • Spike D Punch

    If it’s your only car, it will be OK, as there is nothing bigger, faster or more luxurious to compare it to. I drove a late-80s Mirage, sold here as a Dodge Colt, that was more than just OK. It was easy to drive and got great mileage.

  • Andy

    Just bought one and have had it for a week. I love the little thing. It makes me smile every time I pass a gas station, and when I do have to fill up, The smile turns to laughter at the $25.00 fill up cost …. while I watch the guy next to me cuss about his $100.00 fill up for his tank like SUV. I use the car as a sales vehicle for my business. It’s fairly comfortable, the A/C works, the radio and bluetooth work great, and so does the cruise control. It’s not a luxury car, but it isn’t half bad either. I recommend this little car.

  • livefreeordie4

    You’d be crazy to buy this over the 1L 3 cylinder turbocharged Fiesta. It’ll run about $3000 more but similar mpg with twice the hp and torque in a much better handling and standard equipment car. This will depreciate 3 times faster than the Fiesta if you ever want to sale.

  • Duane

    I have had My New Mirage for over a month now. I LOVE IT ! I don’t know what is with these Over Zealous reviews on the car ! It seats 4 adults with No Problem, Handles fine, and I think it looks fine also ! I Like it FAR BETTER than a Spark Or Versa ! On the Highway I just managed to squeeze 48.6 MPG out of it ! ! Im Sold ! Thinking about buying another !

  • MrAzflyman

    I own this car and in comparison to the competition it kills it. The Mitsubishi salesman drove me and the Mirage to the Nissan dealer where we did a side by side comparison between it and a Versa. For my 80 mile twice a week commute the Mirage was the hands down winner. The Versa would have been at least 2k higher and would not have gotten the gas mileage. I get between 48 and 50mpg with the manual trans.

  • MrAzflyman

    If you think you can get a Feista for 3k more and get it equipped the same way you need to step away from the crack pipe.

  • MrAzflyman

    The Rio was way more expensive equipped the same. And no, its not a much better car having driven both. I could have bought the Rio, I drove the Mirage away.

  • MrAzflyman

    Smart cars are just NOT smart.

  • livefreeordie4

    You can’t handle today’s hydro. Knock it off and go back and work on your G.E.D. dude. Here’s what we call math to get you started.
    Without destination charge:$16,000-12,995 = 3005 or abt 3k.

  • MrAzflyman

    Nah nah nah bro, I said get it for that, not what the stripped sticker says. I paid 15k out the door for digital climate control, alloys, cc, Bluetooth, etc, the ES not the DE model. Not stripped, equipped out the door for 15k, tax license and all. Find a loaded Fiesta for 18k, not even, see what a loaded Fiesta runs you. Like I said, step away.

  • MrAzflyman

    I almost forgot, I average 48mpg city/highway miles (35/65 split).

  • mcor0007

    The manual is more efficient than the CVT!!!!

  • Nibram Corpuz

    Absolutely! I am skeptic in the CVT’s fuel efficiency over Manuals! Is this true? We are planning to purchase a Manual transmission of Mirage, someone can enlighten me further pertaining to the difference of fuel efficiency between CVT and manual? Should we spend some more for a CVT?

  • S113

    I’ve had my mirage for 5 months and I absolutely love it. I needed something cheap but wanted something with good MPG, great color, and small in size. My one complaint with this car would be the paint; the front of my car has so many paint chips in it after only 5 months. Never had a problem with paint chipping before…anyone else having issues with chipping paint?

  • jason_darrow

    The problem with car reviews are that they are done by car enthusiasts. These guys love speed and sporty handling. They don’t care about practicality, fuel economy, manufacturer warranties, etc. The 10 year TCO of this car looks like it will be peanuts compared to the competition. Think I will get one as my daily commuter.

  • Glenn

    I agree the problem with the so called pro reviewer is they expect it to drive like a 50,000 dollar BMW. Get a grip it 15,000 not 50,000 you get What you pay for. I Owen one for three weeks and love it I get 41mpg combined. The car has a lot of thing that other cars charge for.
    So if your look for a great little inexpensive car to buy and drive this is it. Please test drive it and see it for your self .

  • Andrew Polyak

    Fiesta also depreciates very quickly and they have had alot of transmission troubles.

  • Andrew Polyak

    RIO mpg is far worse.

  • Andrew Polyak

    I think it looks good!

  • Andrew Polyak

    I love it!!! drove it today and was surprised at how nice it was!

  • Andrew Polyak

    I test drove the Mirage today and was very pleasantly surprised. It was well equipped and fun to drive and it has a $1,000 rebate!

  • $101316246

    Have you configured the price for the fiesta with the 3cyl? its 17150 on! You can only get the 3cyl on the higher end models. Also being a ford/turbo with have neither reliability or mpg, like the c max fiasco! Got my mirage for 13400 OTD

  • $101316246

    chrome on a car unless is black/burgundy/blue is tacky. I much rather like brushed metal or plain black

  • $101316246

    really? from what year? Rio with manual can only be had with no pw/pw. If you add that you need to get the auto, or you can get the auto without it and is still alot more and mpg is only 27/37

  • Pasha

    Amusing yet, informative review. I had a Mitsubishi before (used-5 yrs), had no problem with it. Then I drove Ford Escort (yes, I know, now it’s Focus), used as well, for 11 years, no problem whatsoever until the air went kaput on me in August. Anyone in Arkansas will tell you that you can’t drive a car without A/C in August & my mechanic told me that it would cost me more to repair than the car was worth, so, I went and bought a new Chevy Cobalt. Since the stress of dealing with recalls is getting to me, I’m going back to Mitsubishi in September. I don’t need anything fancy & Mirage has what I need & the price is affordable. BTW, have you been to Thailand lately? It’s come a long way from being an under developing third world country. Just saying…

  • Pasha

    That is if you are good at driving mannual. For someone like me who had attempted to learn how to drive mannual, twice, and couldn’t quite master it, both my teachers told me to “stick with automatic.” lol. But seriously, a guy friend of mine said if you are not good at mannual, the cost to repair it, should you damaged something, would be about $3,000.00, so it’s more efficient on your wallet & peace of mind to go with automatic (CVT).

  • My Lil Plasma P

    We bought one, the ES model in plasma purple. We both love it. Fun to drive, great gas mileage, well equipped, very cute looking. The engine is sufficient for our driving habits, and it pulled the hills . If you feel the need for speed, then look for a sports car. But if you want fun at an affordable price, this is it. I highly recommend it.

  • Pasha

    …and your employer didn’t have a problem you driving that to work? Heck, if I bring in a Pepsi to my office, I would be told to put that in a trash can. LOL

  • Pasha

    My gawd…if you have no car to drive, you’d drive anything. I think Mirage is a cute little car. Look, I don’t like a tan color, but once my car was in the shop, I didn’t have any problem driving my mom’s tan color Tauras for couple days. Bless her heart for letting me borrowed that to drive to work.

  • Pasha

    Yaris looks more like a Yugo, if you ask me…

  • ?????

    These cars are exactly what they are billed. I have a 2014 DE and a 2015 ES. I do not enjoy driving them on a trip longer than an hour, then again they are not billed as a touring-mobile.