2015 Subaru WRX STI Endurance Racer Revealed

2015 Subaru WRX STI Endurance Racer Revealed

Subaru has unveiled its all-new WRX STI NBR Challenge race car that will compete at this year’s 24 Hours of Nurburgring race.

Based on the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI, which will debut at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, the STI NBR Challenge racer will look to capture the team’s third victory in the SP3T class this year, following their win in 2012. This will be the seventh consecutive year that STI has competed at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

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Heading the team’s operations this year will be Hideharu Tatsumi while team drivers Toshihiro Yoshida and Kouta Sasaki will compete on behalf of Japan. A pair of drivers from Europe will also be added to the 24 Hours of Nurburgring team. For now, this might be the best look we have at the 2015 WRX STI until it makes its official debut in Detroit.

GALLERY: Subaru STI NBR Challenge


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  • MistyGreen

    Maybe if we get this, we’ll get the Honda Fit Shuttle too! Assuming that variant continues that is.

  • good job Kia

    This is the perfect car I was looking for. I need a small three-seater but don’t like the lack of amenities on Mazda 5, the only choice currently available in the US. I hope Kia launches this baby in the US soon.

  • Patrick

    This is such an ugly car. Why can’t Kia stop sucking and be like Ford. If you can’t afford to pay good designers, just steal shamelessly from someone who can.

  • and you are a bullshit!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Stoddart

    Again kia has the features and styling right but the driving dynamics still need improving.

  • Tyler Stapp

    You can Order one there and have it shipped here

  • Tyler Stapp

    I love the 3 row seating and great gas milage and cool features

  • Hipster mom

    This is exactly what I need! Why can’t we get a decent 7 seater in the US that isn’t a gas guzzler?! We need to have the flexibility to carry extra kids around but a minivan is way more car than I need. My husband is pushing for a Tesla because there is nothing else out there.

  • Pleasantly Surprised

    I currently drive a 2006 Mazda5 and have always been drawn to the compact 3rd row design, without needing a mini-van. My daily commute and use does not justify the high operating cost of driving a V6 mini-van around town full time just to shuttle a family of four + dog around. These MPVs fits the bill nicely. I have enjoyed my Mazda immensely but it’s time for new vehicle. I have contemplated about getting a newer Mazda but then found the new Kia Rondo. I had compared the Rondo with the Mazda back in 2006/2007 but did not like the styling and quality of the Rondo at all. What a difference 7/8 years make! When I perform a spec sheets between the two vehicle, I keep coming back to the Kia. It is by far the value, dollar for dollar.

    You get an extra seat, better styling and a whole lot more options from a Kia than the Mazda. I was hoping to be blown away by a new Mazda5 design but it is pretty much the same design from when I bought it 6/7 years ago. Don’t get me wrong. My Mazda5 is a great car and is extremely fun to drive but I can’t honestly say much about it if the design is stuck in 2006, the first introduction year for this vehicle. And it is difficult to get excited about it anymore. The Kia is a whole different story.

    Having said all this, my final verdict will be on how the car handles when the rubber meets the road and the final price on this vehicle once my options are all selected. I plan to test drive this vehicle in the next month and make a decision then.

  • Cpool

    I still have my 2007 Rondo and I have to say I still love it! It requires very little maintenance, it has never broken down, it’s very roomy, and I still get great gas mileage. I truly hope they bring them back to America so I can buy a new one when the time comes…of course in the far off future because my current one is still awesome.

  • Michele Kennedy

    I still love my Kia Rondo 2007. I am its second owner and it has more than met my expectations and requirements.

  • Iakona

    Really? You saying that Peter Schreyer, designer for both KIA and Hyundai, who contributed to the Audi designs doesn’t have any sense of style? OK.
    New Ford designs are nice too – don’t get me wrong…but the new KIA cars are FAR from ‘ugly’ and LOADED with great features.

  • Mark Creasy

    I checked into that. You can but you get no warranty. Even though it has the same warranty in Canada as it did in the US. I guess its because it is no longer sold in the US.

  • Jeff G

    This is suffering the same fate as the Chevy Orlando. The powers that be seem to think that Americans don’t want an affordable, roomy, gas sipping alternative to the bulkier SUVs like the Equinox and Sorento. Whomever is the first to bring it to market will likely have bragging rights to being forward thinkers. I will take either one.

  • LoudRambler

    The fuel economy numbers here are completely unrealistic. Mine was closer to 13l/100km mostly highway.

  • LoudRambler

    It is a gas guzzler. How they got these consumption numbers is a mystery.

  • HvT

    I’ve got an ’08 and I’d buy a new Rondo in a flash if they brought it back.

  • DRJJ

    Folks bought a 2007, 2.4 liter and it’s been the most reliable automobile in my life and I’m 60yo and have owned dozens of cars! Not one problem-zero, zip, nada in 150,000 miles. Beats all the Honda and Toyota products our family (and extended family) have owned. I attributed it to the So Koreans building a brand, simple 2.4 non direct injection, simple 4 sp tranny, robust components/build.. We’ve serviced it close to by the book and it’s been driven decent and runs as new today.. Safe (3400lbs, stability control, 6 air bags, etc) exc visibility, micro van size, quiet, fuel efficient, comfortable and CHEAP-$15,995 new.. Didn’t sell well in America-tells ya somethin about us (big egos, small brains) Thanks and well done Kia! Engineer J.

  • DRJJ

    Sleeper used car if there ever was one for the practical folks-cheap now too.

  • Used to be great

    Our 2010 Rondo is a a great car in many respects. A bit over powered, unless you haul 7 people up mountains, and not helped by a hyper-sensitive gas pedal. So, it’s tough to get great mileage. The turbo-diesel offered in Europe is the engine to have, and gets almost twice the gas mileage. BUT The new model is very unappealing. The reviewer has been drinking the ‘fashion Koolaid’. Since when have smaller rear windows (aka ‘rising beltline’) been a positive feature? We got ours in large part because of the incredible visibility & roominess of that model. The back seat of most current vehicles is like a prison cell – a tiny slot at the top. I guess car reviewers never actually sit in the back?