Top 10 Cars of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Top 10 Cars of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

8. Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept

Arguably the most under-appreciated car of this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Infiniti is directly to blame for the lackluster reception its Q50 Eau Rouge weathered. The Japanese luxury brand didn’t even bother to cover its car before its press conference and that’s a shame because that choice deflated hype like a sewing needle stuck into a hot air balloon.

Somehow, Infiniti managed to scuttle the excitement around its best-looking concept since the exotic-looking Essence Concept. That’s a shame because the brand says if it builds the car, it will have at least 500 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. The powerplant is still an enigma, but we know it will feature forced induction with a V cylinder configuration and that it will probably come from one of Infiniti’s corporate partners. Combine that with the fact that it has as higher hood than the normal Q50 and it sounds an awful lot like Infiniti is flirting with a turbocharged Mercedes V8.

  • Matt Wri

    “BMW has two new M cars coming soon to a dealer near you and the news here is that they’ve dropped the V6 in favor of a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six.” Haha autoguide you serious?

  • Eric

    Fail autoguide. The E9x had a V”8″ -_-

  • A silly typo to be sure. It has been updated. Thanks.

  • FurtiveJester

    The E9x DID have a V8. The fail was them.saying the split was the coupe and convertible. The split is coupe and sedan. The sedan is the M3, the coupe is the M4.

  • Mike

    Concept car’s. Got to love them, but no idea when they will actually be coming out. Don’t show dreams, how about reality.

  • Ironfaith

    And no coverage on the iDX? That was actually confirmed to go into production.

  • Bellaire Boy

    Benz is killing it, as usual. They did invent the car, after all…nice follow-through from Stuttgart.

  • Brian

    I Totally dislike the Dum-Shark looking front Clip…
    They should of left The Original SLS the way it was and NOT TRY TO IMPROVE on 1 of the Sexiest Car’s EVER made..!!!
    You think they would of learned by LACK of Sales….!!!
    (Leasing is good and all BUT who’s gonna BUY the Used and VERY Abused left over’s by Rich Sucker’s that don’t know what Cleaning their car is all about

  • Tucker9691

    Pretty bad state of affairs when the only American vehicle at the DETROIT Auto Show in the Top 10 is a Ford F-150. I have nothing against the 150, like the truck. But really folks-no American manufacturer’s could produce a vehicle worthy of a Top 10 at an American iconic Motor City? I realize many of the cars listed are manufactured or have final assembly here, but to me it’s not quite the same – not having a US made and modeled as an American car in the top 10 shows why we’ve lost the world wide manufacturing iconic brand of goods designed, built and sold in the USA. The time was when it made “somewhere else” didn’t appeal to our national pride, and while American’s may be producing these cars, they will never be “American” to me until the materials, engineering, innovation, performance, JOBS and profits retained are only re-invested in the USA. My opinions only – doubt we’ll ever see again vehicles totally designed, and built only with USA materials by companies who use only domestic USA providers/suppliers. We are throwing away the pride of what made us once such a great nation, to a nation willing to sellout our citizen’s future to goods and materials that would have not met our quality standards that we are and stii capable of producing as “Made in America.” It’s not just the auto industry – check out what’s happened in the furniture manufacturing industy-American companies selling as branded as a USA company and when the furniture is delivered the boxes come off the truck stamped in big letters “Made In China” and as the purchaser we have to be the “quality control” – i have bought and returned 3 dining sets priced between $3,000-$6,000 in the last year because of poor production practices that were NOT evident with the “prep’d” furniture on display in the store showrooms. As for me, I’ve become cynical about buying anything anymore and miss the Sam Walton theory of selling Made In America sol here proudly displayed.

  • Tucker9691

    BTW … Cudo’s to Canada as well. They use to be a poor stepchildren to their US owned auto manufacturer’s plant’s but they have produced quality cars and products for years.

  • Tucker9691

    Missed the last page for the ‘Vette. OK, 2 out of 10 still a poor showing for cars sold here by American manufacturers that carry iconic American car names.

  • Bob

    Corvette is number 1. So that makes 2 American made vehicles in the top 10.

  • ColumWood

    Traditionally, our Top 10 list from an auto show is only for world premieres. The IDx concepts actually debuted in Tokyo.

  • Alfie

    Concept cars are a look into the future. I love them!

  • Carl

    Arguably the Mustang belongs on this list too!

  • walt501

    It’s all in what the “media” what’s to declare as valuable. I’m sure there are several American autos at the show that have new or noteworthy improvements, they just aren’t covered. I’m sure we’ll see many more new American autos revealed at the Tokyo auto show. Not. So you see how the media glosses over our own products and/or foreign competition uses the Detroit auto show to reveal new models to blunt coverage of domestic autos, all the while knowing full well that Detroit autos won’t even bother to show up at shows outside of North America.

  • Joe

    I can’t believe how many of these concept cars are trying to copy the American Corvette ……

  • Samuel Mazzuchelli

    Who’s top 10 is this? My eyes are bleeding from viewing this pack of derivative imports. As an individual who actually buys cars, the Ford and the Chevy are the only two worthy of mention. Grow up.

  • Sister Taran

    Read a Ny Times article last week that said GM sold more Chinese made GM cars in China in 2013 than American made GM cars that were sold in the US. Seems that our 12 Billion GM loan loss might have created a lot of Chinese jobs. Also, don’t believe for one moment that Sam Walton’s “buy American” image was anything more than for publicity. Any product my company sold Walmart that retailed well was immediately flown to China by Walmart to be copied by the cheapest bidder. Sam then showed you how much cheaper he could get it and told you that he hoped you could match the lower price, knowing that most of the time, you would lose your fanny if you did. The end result being that only bigger retailers who sold at discounted (less service) prices could buy in the volume it took to buy complete containers of product shipped from China. Now, most smaller, full service stores have closed, most American furniture factories have closed, and now, even most Chinese furniture factories are closing.

  • Lonney

    Looks like the same person designed all of these.

  • narg

    Plus, most of the imports are “concepts” and not real production cars. Seems imports can only get sales these days by stretching the truth…

  • narg

    Except these concepts rarely meet pavement. So it’s a look into a frivolous future at best. Yuck.

  • litesong

    So…… Audi, dominator of the 24hours of Le Man for a decade, is derivative? Sam is derelict in his duty to truth.

  • gb

    Indeed. B pillars and roof lines are interchangeable.

  • Michael Frost

    Your beloved Mustang has the same derivative lines of many other cars in this lineup. Oh come to think of it. SO does the 2014 Corvette! Sam just loves kneejerk comments.

  • Chrysler Group LLC

    What about the 2015 Chrysler 200?

  • Tomcola

    What about the Dodge Viper in the first picture? Why do they pick the Top 10 and show 11? Which one is out?

  • Tomcola

    What about the Dodge Viper in the first picture? Why do they pick the Top 10 and show 11? Which one is out?

  • mike emm

    3 US cars out of the 11 and one (the Viper), they don’t even name.

  • mike emm

    Sam don’t forget the Viper (photo 1), that they failed to mention.

  • the #1 should be the tf-1

  • Doge

    Wow, much predicatble, not very taste.
    Wrong number, FT-1 best.

  • MarkyC

    Buy Ford Stock!

  • Tyler Males

    I believe they should have had 2 top 10 lists. Imports and domestics.

  • Roberto Franceschini

    What sick looking cars: typical USA lack of taste…where is the Italian Flair in design ?

  • Dave Russell

    kudos to Tucker 9691 and Sister Taran. Why this type of comment doesn’t go viral is part of the reason for Americas demise. Americans for whatever reason don’t give a s**t.
    I spent last weekend in LA at the Grand National Roadster Show. LA was awash in garbage. The food in all but one of the restaurants we “dined” in was crap. Deep fried everything. The hotel we stayed in was a train wreck. “oh room service- can you send up some face cloths and towels”.
    I have no idea what it would take to get America back on track, your President can’t seem to do much as he is hamstrung by your own gov’t system. Being a Canadian who has spent lots of time travelling in the USA since the 60’s there was a time when I didn’t have any complaints about all of the above. But that was a while ago.
    You guys need to take your country back. Where to start? Have a boy cot of Walmart?
    Oh- and while you are at it, cut down on the deep fry and pulled pork.
    And: only buy AMERICAN!

  • gradyphilpott

    Take your next vacation in Greenland.

  • yoo

    oh yeah, next time , visit Iceland.

  • eric c algor

    i would rather go horse riding, rather than take on Italian designs.

  • reed allen

    ofcourse , all those are ‘ MODULAR DESIGNS, remember fords vision: one ford !!

    that basically sums uo.

    not to mention, those H1 visa engineers keep jumping companies(chrysler ford gm), that’s why all cars look same:)