Top 10 Craziest Vehicles at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction

Top 10 Craziest Vehicles at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction

1. 1922 Spillman Engineering Carousel & 1865 Gasparini 'Gypsy Queen' Calliope Organ

It is not just vehicles sold at Barrett-Jackson, sometimes a truly bizarre item crosses the auction block. Case in point is this two-for-one auction deal. If the thought of owning a turn of the century merry-go-round wasn’t enough, how about one that includes a 150 year old ‘Gypsy Queen’ calliope organ?

This excerpt alone is reason enough to buy the organ: “Folklore goes that the Calliope was used to lure the townsfolk from their homes while other Gypsies lifted what they could from their pockets and their homes without detection. The ‘Gypsy Queen’ even had secret compartments to hide the stolen items in just in case suspicious crowds felt the need to check the Gypsies.”

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  • Johnman

    Top-up and interior pics, please.

  • Bob

    To me, the reviewer is way off on his interior comments, and seems like a case of how some narrow journalists follow the old, comfortable GM-review script. I think the Camaro’s gut is clearly the best and most modern of the pony cars, and they’ve made some updates to add more soft touch surfaces, plus the new center console screen with available nav brings it fully up to date. It’s also the only one with a HUD, which is great to have. The console-mounted secondary gauges are still ultra cool, and the overall design is well integrated and harmonious. The seats are beautiful, and the feel of sitting in one to me conveys quality. Much more so than either the Mustang or Challenger.

  • Style Man

    Dig the review. Dig the car. I just wish I could afford one. *sigh.

  • Style Man

    Disagree wholeheartedly with you about the seats there Bob… The GT500 hugs you a lot more, and the ZL1 seats are nothing special, especially not for such a special car. Agreed that the HUD is awesome – all powerful cars should have it.

  • Stjimmyjc

    Looks Good! But way over price!!! The Mustang GT 2013 vert. is a value! Stang also has killer looks plus the inside looks way better than the Camaro, period!

  • LarryKing

    omg mustangs are complete junk. ugliest car on the market. i would rather drive a fugly FIAT then a mustang..or put a gun to my head. you have got to have air in your head to ever even consider buying a piece of sh*t FORD. you want a REAL car?…then get a camaro zl1 or z/28. now those are real cars buddy. Until you get the opportunity to sit in a Camaro Z/28 and drive it don’t open your cumfilled mouth again.